Self-Care Like a Queen... On a Budget


Self-Care Like a Queen... On a Budget

Self-care is more than a thing. It's a moment of sanity and a reminder of self-worth. Some people are on a time budget, while others may be on a financial one. And some... are on both.

How can we care for our outer bodies with little time or money? One thought is that self-care beauty products can be made in our kitchens quicker than driving to a store--saving time and dollars. We don't have to be Queen Elizabeth to have all the necessary resources. We can still self-care like a queen!

Bath Time lots of fun! For those with a bath, scrub that tub. Then, that body. You can use a dry brush, exfoliate, make a body scrub, or use epsom salt to soak. Just a note: Make sure not to shave your legs if you do any of these. They may become irritated or raw. Please don't overdo it!


Our feet are neglected often. Scrub them with a pumice stone. Trim and file those toes. You can use one of these DIY peel or scrub recipes by Best Life. Apply moisturizer; shea butter with socks on is even better. It goes deep.

Face Mask or DIY Mask

Gently cleanse your face. Next, apply a purchased face mask or a homemade one. Eating Well posted one of the best recipes for a honey-avocado face mask. You'll love it! Vegancuts gives a 3-Ingredient Vegan Face Mask With Gluten-Free Oats and Banana. It's UH-mazing.

All the Smells

Scents can transform our moods with brain-boosting effects. Of course, our favorite smells can uplift or relax. It's always nice to feature a scent in your self-care zone. Trader Joe's has some of my favorite candles at a sensible price. I also love my essential oils from Plant Therapy. They're high quality and last a long time.

Relaxing Activity

Pray, meditate, read a book, journal, draw, color, word search, or do crossword puzzles while masking. I love to color. Unplug. Turn off your phone. Do anything without your phone.


We blink all day, from 14,000 to 20,000 times a day! Slices of raw cucumber or potatoes can de-puff, relax, and moisturize our eyes. If you have a latex allergy, then you should avoid using raw potatoes. Are under eye circles a concern? TreeHugger has a few suggestions


Cut, file, and buff your nails. Oil your cuticles to soften them. Clean underneath nails by using a nail brush or a toothbrush (that you don't use). There's an easy and effective nail shine recipe on DIY Beauty Diva. It's worth trying.


Make a hand mask, scrub, or both. Green Matters has awesome mask recipes! I make a scrub with 2 teaspoons of raw sugar (or whichever sugar is around) and a tablespoon of olive or jojoba oil with lemon juice (squeezed from half a lemon). After moisturizing with lotion, put some socks on your hands for 15 minutes to lock the ingredients in.


Hair is said to be our crown jewel. It sure makes a difference in comparison to bedhead and after a salon visit. Good Housekeeping has simple yet incredible DIY mask recipes. I love them all. Try not to wrap your hair in a towel. It can pull your hair and stretch your skin. Try a scarf or bandana instead.

Warm Drink 

Tea, hot water, or lemon with hot water. Either of these helps to flush toxins out of your body. It can also calm and soothe nerves. Great for anxiety!


Pairing your routine with music can boost your mood. There are several playlists on Spotify. Complete silence is nice, too. If you live in a quiet neighborhood, take full advantage of that gift.

Smoothie, Juice, Fruit or Veggies

All these antioxidants make your skin and body thrive. Imagine doing all these queen things, then eating a fast food meal. Fresh food is part of the royal family here. The Awesome Green has incredible smoothie recipes. Ambitious Kitchen has tasty ones, too. Also, check out The Spruce Eats for great recipes.

Write down your self-care ideas. Create a plan. Then, schedule a time. It's not something to do. It's a priority. You are a priority. Don't let anyone knock that crown off your head!

From Our Skin Care to Yours,