skin cell regeneration & repair


Combat Aging & Skin Damage

The Only Stem Cell Technology That Works!


Skincare NOT Make-up

Science That Works Cell Deep At The Root Cause


Our Skincare Is Superior Science.

RESCUESKIN does what other skincare products simply cannot!

It supports the regeneration & repair of your skin at deep a cellular level, which can help to improve everything, not just one or a few skincare concerns.

Our exclusive stem cell actives produced at our Southern California Research Institute are combined with proven natural ingredients to offer the most complete and advanced skincare solution available today.

Serious Skincare Science, Not Make Up

RESCUESKIN's scientific approach to skincare focuses on how your skin naturally repairs itself.

Ultra Moisturizer
  • Biotechnology

    Led By Dr. David Scharp, our stem cell research is so advanced, it was the focus of a 2-year study at the Sanford Burnham Institute of Regenerative Medicine.

  • Biocompatible

    Your skin recognizes RESCUESKIN because its stem cell derivatives (peptides, proteins, enzymes and cytokines) are already part of your cells.

  • Natural

    In addition to stem cell derivatives, RESCUESKIN contains over 30 all natural ingredients proven to support skin.

  • Complete Solution

    Because RESCUESKIN works universally for all adult skin types and ages you can use it for both preventative and restorative purposes.

  • Our Science Works Where It Matters The Most

    Led by Scharp Technologies, our adult stem cell research on anti-aging is so foundational, it became the subject of a 2-year research project at the Sanford Burnham Institute of Regenerative Medicine. That research will advance our understanding of how adult stem cells can be used to cure the body in the near future. That same research is being used in RESCUESKIN products today.

  • Target Skin Cells and Everything Improves

    The age, health and appearance of your skin is directly attributed to the health and populations of your skin cells. As we age, these decline. The more support we can provide them, the less we lose due to age, environment and damage.  Goods news is, with proper support, you can increase the amount of skin cells as well. 

  • Dermal Fibroblast and Procollagen

    We focus principally on supporting Dermal Fibroblast and Procollagen. Dermal Fibroblasts because they are the most important skin cell, helping to play a critical role in wound healing. They also serve as the structure and connection between your dermis and epidermis keeping it firm and tight while acting as the matrix for other skin cells to grow upon. Procollagen (collagen) because it's formed by dermal fibroblasts and provides the skin's integrity, firmness and elasticity, making it look full and supple.

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Address skin damage caused by the environment, sun exposure, genetics, and aging