10 Common Reasons Why You May Appear Older


10 Common Reasons Why You May Appear Older

There's nothing wrong with aging, but the goal is to age healthily. It's about looking our best at any age, not 20 when we are 50.

We don't stop appreciating our parents as they age. So, why stop appreciating ourselves?

Our choice of skincare products, hair, makeup, clothing, and teeth all play a part. Cosmetics and skin health go hand-in-hand. If our skin isn't being taken care of, our makeup won't sit well. 

The bevy of usual bad habits that hinder our natural aging process is smoking, drinking, drugs, sleep deprivation, no sunscreen, bad diet, dehydration, and stress. Even so, it's not always about wrinkles or sagging. Even kids have wrinkles and smile lines, and parentheses (nasolabial folds).


Skin changes, and so should makeup. The tone changes over the years. The wrong powder, concealer, and foundation can dry out skin, even in our 20s. Opt for a consultation with a makeup expert on wearing the right stuff. Otherwise, your foundation will create deeper looking lines within your fine lines.

Some of us tend to match eyeshadow colors to our outfits instead of similar tones or one palette. For example, if I'm wearing a shimmery gold dress, I shouldn't opt for glittery gold eyeshadow unless I'm going to an 80s party. I'd want my makeup to compliment my dress, not overshadow it.

Heavy makeup can make even teenagers appear older. In this case, the older we get, the less, the better. Makeup doesn't mask; it accentuates. Accentuate your favorite features and embrace the rest.

Moisturizer and Primer

Before applying makeup, we should always make sure our skin is cleansed and moist to stay on correctly. Makeup is not a moisturizer, but I know some people who actually believe this. 

The right primer will smooth and soften skin to prevent the foundation from creating a map of lines on our faces. It also helps keep makeup in the right place.

Moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, makeup--in that order. Make sure each element is fully absorbed before moving on to the next item.


These can fade over time or from years of overplucking. Thin eyebrows make people appear older, especially if overly arched. It can give us a permanent angry or stressed expression, even if we are happy. 

Time conducted a cool study on aging and appearances. You can check out the video here.

Let your brows grow. It's tempting to tweeze them as the hairs grow in wildly, but don't. Get an eyebrow kit. It'll give you various shapes and ways to contour a brow. There's also microblading where a professional tattoos your eyebrows--it's semi-permanent. My friend's eyebrows look amazing doing so. Do your research and find what is best for yourself.

Facial Injections

Why is this important? When starting at a young age, say the early 20s, our facial muscles are still vibrant and strong. Our skin bounces back fast. Faces can have too much volume after a filler. Fat in places, such as the eyes, makes us youthful. Removing that fat gives us an older appearance. When we paralyze the muscles or fill in lines with an injection, it can lead to filler fatigue.

Today, some doctors use sodium bisulfate to break down fillers injected years ago but linger in the skin. The New York Post wrote an article discussing how several celebrities, infamous for filling their faces, have stopped and reversed.

HuffPost wrote: "Over extended periods of time, fillers can actually stretch out the tissues under the skin, essentially accelerating the aging process "because those tissues aren't going to bounce back the same way as you get older," Park Avenue facial plastic surgeon Andrew Jacono explained."

"Each time you put more filler in, the pocket expands more, and it becomes a bigger pocket, so it needs more and more filler to keep it expanded," New York-based cosmetic facial plastic surgeon Michelle Yagoda told HuffPost.

Dye Job

Hair color can top off our look. A bad dye job can age us more than desired. Make sure the color compliments your skin tone. For example, I tried on many blonde wigs to discover that I can't do platinum blonde. It made me look like a hungry vampire. Subtle highlights, such as ombre, are always an option.

Outdated Hairstyle

Updating our hair does wonders for our vibes. It's a complete refresh to anyone's entire look, even with pajamas on. If your hair starts looking like Jennifer Aniston on Friends, it's seriously time. Of course, once the pandemic lockdown is over and it's safe to go out and play!


This goes for outdated clothing and wearing the right size. We can't expect to wear what we wore in high school. Fashion changes, along with our bodies.

Wearing anything that doesn't fit the way it should makes a difference. If something fits only when you put on shapewear, then slip on shapewear. There is nothing wrong with it. Many people across all spectrums do.

Since our skin tone shifts, our clothing colors should, too. Wear something to radiate your complexion.


Standing or walking with your shoulders forward or your neck down can give an older appearance (and a shorter one). Throw those shoulders back to their rightful place and show everyone the beautiful human you are.

Mom Buns 

They are convenient but create a receding hairline. It pulls your hair, causing it to fall out in the front. I couldn't figure out what was causing this issue after kids. A friend then told me to wear a low ponytail, not a high up, mom bun. Boom. Problem solved!


Get a professional cleaning. Then, whiten your teeth. Yellow or stained teeth, whether from smoking, coffee, or tea, make our teeth look old. A quick whitening can brighten that smile. Ask the Dentist suggested wearing a night guard, too. Great advice!

Above all of these tips, smiling will remain champion. The best thing to do is what makes you happy. Be conscious of what your skin and health need. Encourage others to start at a young age. Our skin is the most delicate part of our bodies. So, let's continue to treat it that way. 

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