Toss These 5 Things Now


Toss These 5 Things Now

It feels like we've accumulated more items in 2020 with the extra time at home. In 2021, we should toss everything in these five categories. ASAP. Decluttering our homes has been shown to improve mental health, clarity, and overall well-being. Sometimes, that's all we need to do to see what we need to see.

Unsubscribe in Bulk

Do you have an email where you sign up so that you can receive a list or piece of information, just once? Then, forget about it? Now, that inbox is flooded. Every. Single. Day. We contemplate deleting the entire account, but there’s a way to avoid that.

Today, I was listening to Professional Organizer, Monica Fay in a new app called Clubhouse. She was talking about this! Yes! We can unsubscribe from email subscriptions in bulk. How? It's called That’s the easy part.

If you’re going to go all out and organize your email into proper folders and prioritize certain emails, it’ll be well worth it, but will take extra effort.

Monica noted, "You're going to need about two hours. Have snacks. Walk around a little here and there--you'll need to change environments while organizing. Don't do it one-by-one. It'll suck the soul from your body. Delete. Delete. Unsubscribe."

Expired Medication

Look through your medicine cabinet and drawers for expired prescriptions, medicine, and ointment. If they're expired or close to the expiration date (and you won't be using them anytime soon), toss them.

Prehistoric Electronics

Why do we hang onto chargers and old tech gadgets? I was cleaning up the other day and found a first generation iPad! Unless we're working for a movie production company that needs items for specific time periods, let them go. Tangled piles of chargers/cables and outdated electronics like a first-generation iPad), trash, or take them to a store that recycles these products.

Expired Beauty Products

Check everything from make-up, nail polish to skincare. If there's no set expiration date on the product, there should be an icon similar to the one above with a number. For example, the one above means that the product expires 12 months from the time it is opened.

Dated Wardrobe Items 

This includes shoes that you haven't worn in a year or are dated. Throw out the sock that has been waiting to reunite with its other half. That 70s shawl tucked away in storage will most likely not be returning to the fashion world in the next decade. Vintage is one thing. Done is another.

Oftentimes, less is more. We can see more. Spend more time using what we already have and less time searching for it in piles of mess. Start from scratch, if need be.

When it comes to skincare, we only need a few products, also. Simple yet, powerful. Make room for your new skincare regimen, which includes Rescue Skin serum.

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