Rescue More Than Your Skin with National Dog Month


Rescue More Than Your Skin with National Dog Month

Meet Bosco, this week's special guest for National Dog Month

Tell us about your story on rescuing your dog: 

About a year into our marriage, we were looking to adopt a dog. We went to an adoption event and saw a miniature pinscher, but sadly, he was already taken. Luckily, the rescue was able to find Bosco for us! We actually only saw a picture of him (he was sitting in a plastic tub, looking miserable since he was attacked by another dog :( ), and we immediately fell in love! The rest is all history.

How has being a dog parent changed your life?

We have both become much more active since adopting a dog. We both go on daily walks (at least two a day) and attend dog events often. We have become a true family thanks to Bosco- we even plan our vacations to be dog friendly, since we can't even think about being away from him for too long! Bosco has strengthened our marriage in ways we could never imagine when we adopted him :)

What would you like to tell people about rescuing your dog?

Adopting a dog means a lot of work, but also a lot of rewards. The emotional bond that we have with Bosco is beyond imagination. The happiness that we get from him is special and cannot be described to its full capacity. We also think that adopting and rescuing a mutt is so SPECIAL! A mixed breed dog is one of a kind, and there will never be another dog just like the dog in front of you. This thought helps us cherish Bosco even more :) (Bosco is a min pin / cocker spaniel mix)

What are some of your favorite summer activities with your dog?

Our favorite summer activity is going kayaking at Big Bear! Bosco also loves to swim. Sadly, we don't have a pool nearby, so we rent an Airbnb with a pool in Palms Springs just for Bosco. We also love driving up to Santa Barbara to go to a dog beach and visiting dog friendly breweries afterwards. Although, we must say that Bosco absolutely LOVES photoshoots. LOL.

THANK YOU to Bosco, and parents!
Bosco / @bosco_the_minipin
Dog Pawrents: Cina Kim & Joe Lee
Age of Dog: 4 years young