National Dog Month with Yomi


National Dog Month with Yomi

Tell us about your story on rescuing your dog: 

Our grandma currently lives alone in Korea and has been feeling lonely and depressed as she’s getting older, so we thought about getting her a dog because she used to live with us and our dogs. 

Yuri was in Korea at the time and started researching dog shelters and found the one Yomi was located (far from her apartment at the time) but still decided to go check them out with our mom. Arriving there she saw Yomi and the volunteer person showed her a very tiny, slightly sick Maltese-Chihuahua mix, to which Yuri had sympathized but decided that she was still going to do more research. As Yuri was leaving, Yomi leaned into the glass, licking it, and from that moment Yuri decided that he was the one. 

Having arrived at grandma’s house, she also fell in love with him and cared for him, but because of his high, puppy energy she wouldn’t be able to keep up, so Yuri brought him to LA and the rest is history.

How has being a dog parent changed your life? 

I believe that it did make us more patient and opened a door to a whole supportive and friendly dog community that helps and informs dog moms. It taught us that not all dogs are the same and they react differently to different foods and environments.

What would you like to tell parents about rescuing your dog?

It takes patience and time with research but so worth it once you see your dog living his best life

What are some of your favorite summer activities with your dog?

We love going to dog friendly events to meet our fellow dog moms and friends, brunch or any meals with Yomi, going to the dog park or beach with him and going to dog friendly hotels to enjoy nature.