Hikers’ Skin Care Tips


Hikers’ Skin Care Tips

Hiking is a fantastic way to release thoughts, ingest serotonin, and exercise. It’s awesome for the whole body! Whether you’re going on a day hike, one week or two week hiking trip, preparation is of the essence. 

We want to be minimal, since our backpacks need space for more important items like water, food, and an emergency kit. Plus, we want to enjoy the hike! No need to overdo it with skin care. So, whats the best way to prep our skin for a hike?Pre-Hike

Before leaving the house, we should follow our regular skin care routine. Then, slather on an SPF 30+ waterproof or sports sunscreen. By doing so, we’re preventing layering oil already on our faces and possible bacteria present. Walking out with a fresh, clean face can reduce acne and clogged pores.Sun Protection 

Be sure to pack sunscreen for the face and body. Don’t forget an SPF lip balm!UPF + UV Blocking

Wear UPF clothing after applying sunscreen, along with a UPF hat, such as a gardener’s hat, and UV blocking sunglasses.It’s important to use UV blocking sunglasses because they minimize squinting, protect the eyes from all harmful UV rays while polarized ones only reduce the glare. For regular hikers, these sunglasses are a must!Sunscreen is still important, but UPF clothing gives a hiker the added protection when sunscreen is at its max. It also helps when we sweat and are too busy hiking to reapply any, especially when covered in dust and dried sweat. Also, comfortable pants help to avoid diaper-like rash or other potential skin issues from continuous movement. A comfortable, strong, UPF hat is vital because it protects the skin and hair while reducing the potential added heat from the sun’s rays frying the top of the head. Just make sure the hat allows the scalp to breath to release body heat while moving.Fragrance-Free Products

While hiking in the wild, there will be animals and insects. It’s always better to go fragrance-free. Unscented products use a chemical to mask fragrances while fragrance-free does not use any fragrance or masking chemicals. Fragrance-packed products can bother skin when perspiring and mixing in with dirt and dust.

To be safe, avoid perfumes. Wear fragrance-free lip balm, lotion, sunscreen, hair products, etc.Hair

Keep hair out of the face and eyes. Bring a few ponytails and headbands or hair pins, in case any get lost along the hike. All these tips can make for a smoother hike and less chance of acne.Post-Hike Skin Care

Immediately after the hike, splash the face a few times with water to rid of the day and freshen up. After returning indoors, in the shower, cleanse the face for 30 seconds. Then, wash the face with a konjac sponge or facial brush to clear out any dirt deeper in the skin’s layers. Aside from our daily skin care routine, a sheet mask can help soothe and relax the skin.

Exercise is always good for our health—top to bottom and inside out. The skin always benefits from the fun when prepped. Try our fragrance-free, anti-aging serum and moisturizer, RxESCUESKIN on your next hike!

Caring for our skin is crucial when hiking. Sometimes, we don’t realize what we need until we need it. We hope these tips have helped!