Find Your Balance, Health, and Beauty Over the Holidays


Find Your Balance, Health, and Beauty Over the Holidays

The holidays are always busy, right? While spreading holiday cheer, our health and skin take a back seat. Being mindful of a few small things can help in a big way!

So while you’re doing somersaults, cartwheels, backflips and splits, you can still find your balance. Here are realistic suggestions that work to get you through the holidays.

Take a walk.

Being outdoors helps revive and relieve stress. It gets our metabolism going, which helps increase our energy. Taking a quick, brisk walk can give us our second wind to pull us to the finish line.Stay hydrated.

Hydrating while juggling can be easily forgotten. It can cause sluggishness, indigestion, dry skin, and more. Also, most of us eat and drink outside of our regular routines during the holidays. Consuming sweeter and saltier foods can deplete our bodies of nutrients, including collagen, from our skin. Poor choices can cause eye bags, breakouts, and dry skin. By simply remembering to hydrate, we can stay in harmony.Take supplements.

As mentioned before, our bodies need replenishment with all the gymnastics moves we make. Supplements can be a massive compliment to maintaining health harmony. Vitamin D is great for the holiday blues as there's less sunlight. It helps fight off the blues, reduces inflammation, and boosts bone health. Probiotics are a must year-round, especially now. Pair them with Vitamin C and they'll work to keep the gut in check. They also balance our hormones which are tripped up amid chaos.Get enough sleep.

Yes, this tip may be challenging, but when our bodies are tired, they need to heal. Sleep is the only remedy. It'll replenish the body by reinforcing our immune systems, healing ailments, and preparing us for the rest of the season. Shut off technology, especially social media. Stretch the muscles. Meditate on all the good things this year. You deserve to sleep.

Extra Tip: Magnesium-rich foods (or a supplement) promote sleep by encouraging healthy muscle support and digestion.Consume enough fiber.

Baked goods are delicious but can be constipating or gut-disruptive. Consuming enough fiber will always create room for those special holiday treats. Fiber is needed to flush our systems of the unnecessary. Salads are perfect for any season. Winter produce is filled with antioxidants and plenty of fiber. Some examples are sweet potatoes, apples, asparagus, collard greens, cabbage, kale, kiwi, avocados, leeks, and lemons. Yum!Follow your skincare routine—no matter what.

This time is essential to have skincare stocked and ready. Try to keep it small but mighty! Preparation helps A LOT. Line up all skincare on the bathroom counter as a reminder and for velocity. Many dishes will be washed. Wear gloves while washing dishes. Put lotion next to the hand soap.

Multitask with a mask. Sheet masking is simple, clean, effective, and doesn't get in the way of tasks. Many folks think we have to do one task at a time. We can juggle a few things. The other day, I saw a couple at the grocery store. The boyfriend had on eye masks. Be bold!Let’s be real.

Life will be hectic at times. You may lose your "shoes" at least once. But you can crush the holiday hurdles. You can safeguard yourself against the holiday blues. And... You can squeeze in moments for yourself. 

The only something that will replenish the skin besides sleep and a healthy diet is proper skin care practice. Try RxESCUESKIN's powerful serum and moisturizer. They are profound when it's time to stimulate new skin cells, suppleness, and skin healthiness.


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