The Best Skin Care Routine


The Best Skin Care Routine

As National Skin Care Awareness Month comes to a close, it's vital to maintain healthy habits for your skin's fitness. A skin care routine should be intentional and specific for your skin's best life.

Any routine starts with repeated activities, thus, becoming part of our lifestyles. Sometimes, good or bad, our practices become second nature because we've done them for so long. Bad habits can be just as challenging to break as good ones can be hard to start.

Skin care routines don't come naturally. We may even slip once in a blue moon, but with effort, we can pick back up. For the most part, people wash their faces daily (at the very least, hopefully). Aside from self-care basics, such as hydrating and eating healthily, what's the best daily skin care routine?

Embrace Your Skin

Before starting a skin routine, self-love should #1. This is your skin. Accepting your strengths and flaws helps you to get motivated. When you're down and out, you may push yourself further down the bunny hole. We don't want that! With a little or a lot of TLC, you will see improvements. We are all aging, so, why not age well?

Keep it simple.

Your brain is always searching for ways to lessen life's load. No one wants to be stressed by trying to squeeze in another task. Make it easy on yourself. If you're going to take extra steps, you can multitask by using a mask while watching your favorite Netflix series. Save the additional theatrics for a spa day.

#1 Cleanse.

Our faces need to be washed every single day. Typically, in the morning, only splashing with cold water a few times should do. In the evening, it's best to wash twice gently. Wash with a powerful cleanser to wash off the day. Follow it with a gentle cleanser, such as a milk cleanser. Each time, for 30-45 seconds.

#2 Exfoliate.

A few times a week, gently exfoliating is excellent, especially for people in their late 20s, as the skin's cell turnover rate decreases dramatically. By using a cleansing scrub, silicone face scrubber, or a konjac sponge are legit options. Try to avoid exfoliating during the day if you're going to be outdoors. This step is best for your nighttime regimen.


#3 Serum.

Every item in our routine is significant, but serum should be top-shelf and the most critical choice in your arsenal. A serum is to sink deeply into our skin while active ingredients repair it on a cellular level, and serum is made of smaller molecules enabling deeper penetration. 

#4 Eye cream.

The skin around the eyes is thin and fragile but deal with daily stressors, such as constant movements like reading texts, blinking, looking around while driving, and allergies. The eyes are always on alert. Therefore, the skin around them needs a little extra love.

#5 Moisturizer

It's the icing on the cake by locking in all of your ingredients, sealing the deal, and gives the top layer of your skin the additional hydration needed.

#6 Sunscreen.

People who use sunscreen daily reduce skin aging by at least 25%. It's encouraged to use a stand-alone sunscreen versus a combined moisturizer sun cream. The effectiveness of an SPF face cream is weaker than individual sunscreen. Give your skin that UV protection boost!


We alway encourage using clean skincare products. The core of clean beauty is based on non-toxic and safe ingredients, along with transparencyOrganic doesn't equal clean, just as synthetic does not mean unclean (nor is it automatically cruelty-free). But RxESCUESKIN is both non-toxic and cruelty-free. We are transparent with our ingredients, the process and are backed by scientific research.

BrainMD states, "The average American woman uses about 12 personal care and cosmetic products daily. The average man uses about 6. The chemicals in these products are easily absorbed into your skin and transported to every organ in your body. That means that while you're trying to look good on the outside, you may be poisoning yourself on the inside."

The RxESCUESKIN family would like to wish you skin wellness on your journey to a healthy, whole-body experience.