Men's Skincare


Men's Skincare

Men need skin care love, too! Both men and women have skin similarities; after all, we're all human. Yet, there are gender differences. So, what are the they?

Biologically, men have higher testosterone levels which makes all the difference.

For one, men have thicker and, usually, more facial hair. Yes, it's common for women to have some facial hair, but, most times, it's more delicate and much less visible.


Typically, a man's skin is 25% thicker and more robust than a woman's.

It also holds more collagen; therefore, men's skin appears tighter. Though this is true, men's skin density steadily decreases around 10% starting at 20 years old versus 3-5% for women. In conclusion, men's faces begin aging sooner than women's, on average.

Skin thickness starts to decrease at the age of 45 years in both men and women. —International Journal of Women's Dermatology

After menopause, women's collagen drops about 20% due to hormonal imbalances. Because women primarily have thinner skin and hold less collagen, it may show more dramatically when collagen levels are lower.

Men need to pay closer attention to the beard region because it's more open and tends to be a greasier layer of skin to soften and lubricate the hair. It can easily get clogged and create painful ingrown hairs. Therefore, men should use a lighter, more balancing skincare product.

RxESCUESKIN serum is the perfect skincare tool for both men and women. It encourages skin cell turnover and encourages collagen production. Yes, all of that!


It's important for everyone to take care of their inner bodies as much as our outer. Unfortunately, men are not known to slather on sun protection as regularly as women. This can contribute to UV damage appearing years down the line. We've put together a few skin care tips for the special beings called men.

  • Invest in a good quality razor or shaving device. Keep it sanitized.
  • Prep the skin with a pre-shave product that cleans and moisturizes for a pain-free groom.
  • Use soothing, gentle non-toxic after-shave skincare that cleans the skin.
  • Dab a pump of RxESCUESKIN serum.
  • Yes, men need eye cream, too!
  • Layer it with your favorite balancing, light moisturizer.
  • Top your skin off with plenty of sun screen and sunglasses, if you're headed outdoors!

We're all aging, but we don't have to neglect ourselves. Enjoy every moment and every milestone!