Healthy Aging, Anti-Aging, Skincare, and Serums!


Healthy Aging, Anti-Aging, Skincare, and Serums!

Have you heard a 20-year old exclaim, "I can't wait to look 70!" Probably not. It sounds harsh, but, as a society, we've been pushing the tale that youth is beauty for 1000s of years. 

More consciousness toward a healthy self-perception is finally beginning to flourish. Many of us are caring for the whole body, not only the face. This special care includes a nutritious diet, spiritual and mental well-being, exercise, and skin care.

While there is absolutely no wrong in wanting to appear more youthful as we age, when it becomes an obsession, that's where the potential danger lies. 

As mentioned in a previous article, Social Media Effects on Beauty, "More and more people look to social media as their perception of what beauty is. From filtered skin to altered body images, so much content is unreal or exaggerated...We always need to take action for our well-being. Overuse can heighten anxiety and depression and lead to body dysmorphic disorder."

A person can look beautiful and healthy at any age. One can also look excessively worn out at 25 years old. So, beauty can't be only for the young. Loving ourselves as we reach each milestone in life is beautiful. So is caring for ourselves by practicing healthy habits that make us happy, such as yoga and pampering our skin.

The skin is truly a gift. Our first layer of skin (epidermis) is the ultimate warrior protecting the middle layer called the squamous cell (or stratum spinosum) and the basal layer (a.k.a. stratum germinativum). We can go through all the layers of skin down to the thickest one, the dermis. But most of us want to get to the how. So, let's get to it!

We know there's no quick, long-term fix when it comes to our skin. It's about consistency and balance. Some people want to skip the other essentials of healthy aging. In its original state, the term anti-aging means something is not to age you, not stop aging. Although, there are times that it can seem like a fight. Many skincare products age and damage our skin, making us appear older than we are. 

On that same note, quality serums are not gimmicks. They put in work! 

RxESCUESKIN's exclusive, clean serum encourages the skin to regenerate and repair on a cellular level. We can't stop the clock, but RxESCUESKIN can maintain your skin's health. We back this up with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked. 

It feels good to take care of our skin and embrace our natural beauty as time passes. Embracing our whole selves is essential to self-care and well-being. Look your best at any age. It's never too late to do that.

Stay skin positive!