Top 10 Summer Essentials List!


Top 10 Summer Essentials List!

It's our first pandemic summer (and, hopefully, our last)! Some of us have more time while others, especially caregivers, may have less of it.


We are battling factors, such as less outdoors, more screen time, and higher stress levels. Maybe our good habits are not as consistent or, worse, disappearing.


This unique summer may be adding more stress to your skin than usual. Come what may, every season requires a new tempo to your ordinary routine.


It may only require minor remixing, depending on how your skin reacts to the weather. Increasing or decreasing what you use now may be all it takes.


Aside from facial basics, such as cleansersunscreen, and so on, summer can add extra stress to your skin.


To help make your transition a smooth one, here’s a curated top 10 summer essentials list!



1)  Sunscreen. If you are already using an SPF of 30-50, that’s awesome. Did you know that you should be re-applying it on your skin every 1-2 hours (and more if in water)? 


And with a surge in screen time and staying indoors, probably more than any other summer, you are still exposed to UV and UVA rays. They can shine through your windows and cause skin damage. Therefore, as a safeguard, use sunscreen indoors, as well. 


This link has information to help with understanding sunscreens.



2)  Sun hat (and an umbrella at the pool/beach). A sun hat not only protects your skin, but, your eyes and hair. 


Choose a full-coverage hat that protects your entire face, hair, and even better, shading your neck. Gardening hats may or may not be your taste, but they are excellent options. 



3)  Sunglasses. Make sure that you never leave home without them! Squinting can cause premature wrinkles around your eyes and entire face, depending on your facial expressions while out in the sun. 


The sun can also affect your vision. Polarized sunglasses are supposed to add protection for your eyes. The technology claims to minimize glare and give more clarity in sunny situations. Here is a link to help you understand polarization:



4)  Lip balm (with SPF). You should always have a lip moisturizer, but in the summer sun, you have to make sure that your lips are protected much more. Sunburnt lips can be extremely painful and uncomfortable.


Applying sunscreen on your lips is fine, but for those who tend to lick them, opt for a safe and tastier choice.



5)  Water. Lots of it! Everyone needs to ante up their water intake in the hottest days. You may have seen electrolyte-enhanced h20. Still, all water has electrolytes, but some people claim that they feel a difference. 


In any case, hydration should be at the top of our list. Carry a hydro flask or any good quality water bottle. 


This article is full of information on how to stay hydrated through it all.


Warning: Never keep plastic water bottles in your car. The heat creates a process where the water leaches to the bottle’s component chemicals faster. Additionally, as crazy as it sounds, doing so can cause your seat to catch fire in direct sunlight.



6)  Supplements.  Caring for your skin from the inside is vital to your skin health. Just as water is essential, some of your vitamins may get depleted with both hot temperatures and increased stress levels. 


Getting less sunshine can lead to less vitamin D. So, make sure you still get some! On top of all that, hormonal balance is also a concern for women who are either perimenopausal or menopausal. 


Between your skin drinking your outer face dry to the heat draining any existing moisture within, you must maintain protection from both inside and out. 


Dr. Oz recommends three summer supplements.



7)  Less Screen Time. We are indoors more than any other summer which may lead to increased screen time. 


Research is still new regarding blue light. Recent studies have found that blue light emitting from your smart devices, computers, and TVs can damage your skin. 


Some researchers have found that it can also hinder your circadian rhythm (sleep cycle) and lead to insomnia. Lack of sleep certainly wreaks havoc on your health. Consequently, the first place it commonly reveals itself is on the face.


Fight the urge and cut out any unnecessary screen time. 



8)  Cleanse and Exfoliate. Summer sweat is real. The heat, sunbathing, and air conditioning can clog pores. Sweat traps everything on your face, such as sweat, dirt, dust, moisturizer, sunscreen, and so forth. 


You should look into gentle facial wipes to cleanse your face while out and about, even more so, if you are acne-prone (and after sweating in a face mask).


Your summer bedtime routine should include removing any make-up, washing, and exfoliating night two to three times a week.


K-beauty lovers say they follow a double cleanse method. An example of it is to cleanse your face with an oil-based cleanser or micellar water. Then, follow it with a face wash for 30 seconds. Curious about the double cleanse? This article explains it quite thoroughly.


If you are in the sun daily, dermatologists recommend exfoliating once a week. Your skin sensitivity to the sun increases with every exfoliation. But, keep in mind that the sun damages skin cells. Exfoliating sloughs off dead skin and helps keep your skin firm and healthy. Choose your battle.



9)  Moisturizer. If your skin becomes oilier in the summer, you should find a lighter moisturizer. Producing more oil clogs your pores. An oil-free or water-based moisturizer is perfect for oily and combination types.


As for dry skin, the light moisturizers are okay in the day, if you use an oil-based sunscreen. Your climate has a huge effect on your skin; desert, tropical, continental, etc. So, it’s good to consider that when choosing, also.


At night, you will still need to lock in moisture. So, soak it all up. When searching for the perfect moisturizer, always check the ingredients. Try to buy one that uses natural ingredients without the toxins. EWG Skin Deep can be your guide to finding a safe choice.



10) Serum.  A perfect serum penetrates deep into your skin with nourishing ingredients to heal and firm. Serums are known to be more potent and are especially vital for anti-aging care.   


This summer, your skin might be taking an extra beating. Therefore, a potent serum with safe ingredients is the best. 


There are so many serums on the market. So, searching for one can be overwhelming! It's also an investment. Even making DIY skin products can cost you. The ingredients aren't cheap, especially high-quality ones. It's almost impossible to find cheap and good.


But...discovering the right one can cut your 10-step skincare routine in half, effectively. An effective serum shouldn't have one objective, such as skin brightening; it should do it all. Rescue Skin Serum is one-of-a-kind. Every ingredient is clean and safe. The transparency of it is incredible and the results at mind-blowing!


Enjoy your summer. Stay safe. Care for your skin and health. 


From Our Skin Care to Yours,