Tips for Your Best Skin Health at Any Age


Tips for Your Best Skin Health at Any Age

Skin care is a lifestyle—it involves everything we do. So many people look for quick fixes but find they're short-lived. Crafting a healthy skin care routine involves healthy habits, knowing skin facts, and a commitment to prioritize a routine. Are you all in with your skin? We’re sharing a few of our fave tips for anyone and everyone!Tip #1

When we’re done showering, most of us wrap our wet hair in a towel. This habit not only pulls and stretches our skin, especially the forehead, but causes breakage and fly aways.

Solution: Opt for a hair turban or called a hair towel. They’re much better than using a heavy body towel on your head while pulling your hair, neck, and skin.Tip #2

Use clean beauty products from skincare to makeup. Well-aging is about what we put in and on our bodies. Clean and high-quality ingredients are essential to healthy skin. All brands should Be completely transparent with their ingredients. Yet, not all are. If a product’s ingredient list includes a fragrance, avoid it. 

Kitchen essentials are also a great alternative for those who are on a budget or prefer homemade clean skin care, such as olive oil, coconut oil, honey, and lemon. There are so many DIY skin care recipes that have worked since Cleopatra took milk baths.Tip #3

Apply a strong serum twice a day. Toners only refresh the skin. Moisturizers lock in all the skin care ingredients applied. But serum is the only product that goes off the deep end, penetrating the layers below the surface. This step is important in the skin’s healing process after a long day of battling free radicals in the air, UV rays, stress (like rush hour), and more.

RxESCUESKIN has the highest quality, toxic-free ingredients. It’s also clear on where the brand stands by breaking down each ingredient here: #4

Take a probiotic supplement or eat gut-healthy foods. Our microbiomes are the core of our overall health as it holds 80% of our immune system. The gut’s health affects our skin, too. 

Lowering sugary foods and increasing more fruits and vegetables will show on the face. Sugar can give the skin “sugar sag” by consuming our collagen supply. A clean gut will give us a clean face by reducing toxins, acne, and inflammatory conditions.Tip #5

Sleep like royalty. The way we sleep affects our health in every way. It’s the only time our body can recover. The positions in which we sleep affects our appearances, too. Side and belly sleeps may develop deeper nasolabial folds by pressing against the cheeks for hours.

This position can also cause more premature fine lines leading to permanent wrinkles. It goes back to tip #1 regarding the effects of pulling our skin. Skin is delicate. And as we age, it won’t snap back like a teenager with repeated habits, such as stretching and squishing.

Solution: Try to sleep at a decent time every night. Avoid electronics or TV. Use a silk eye mask and silk pillow cover if it’s not comfortable to sleep on the back. Use a jade roller to massage any creases out. These habits will do wonders to your face, neck, and chest areas.These are a few tips that can help us age gracefully. Wrinkles are going to happen, but we can prevent premature ones. Remember to always wear sunscreen.

We’d love if you gave our serum and moisturizer a try in your daily skin journey! We love it and are sure you will, too. It’s why we give a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

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