The Skin's 3 Worst Enemies


The Skin's 3 Worst Enemies

We live in an era with tremendous advancements in health and wellness. But the ol' skin enemies are here to stay—Vying to steal our youth before its time! While aging is part of life's natural cycle, the goal is to live healthily. And maybe not to look forever young but keep our skin at its healthiest. 

So many sources contribute to aging, from health conditions, unforeseen stress (like the pandemic), environmental factors, accessibility to quality food, and clean water. Our skin's arch-rivals still stand firm. By protecting our skin from these guys, we can curve premature aging.


That big, beautiful yellow star causes more than 80% of physical signs of aging. Premature aging is reduced by 25% or more by faithfully wearing sunscreen. Sun damage is the reason for the skin's elasticity wearing down. Fast forward five years, the effects will show up if not prevented or remedied.

Be careful of certain ingredients, i.e., retinol, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, and prescription ointments. These all have been found to increase the skin's sun sensitivity. Using sunscreen with SPF 50 is highly recommended, along with a sun hat.


Nobody wants a lecture on a bad habit, but we all know that nothing good comes from smoking. One lit cigarette is filled with 4,000 to 7,000 chemicals from acetone, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, toluene, ammonia—none of this is a secret.

The outward proof shows on the fingers, hands, and entire face. No powerful bloodline can fight these toxins from aging someone.

The good thing is that the sooner a person stops, the body can do significant healing immediately.


Our chromosomes (the long strand of DNA) are damaged over time by many variables, but our mental health has been proven to affect their life span significantly. 

Telomeres are the ends that protect a chromosome--your biological clock. Every time a cell divides, the telomeres become shorter, which causes aging.

A few more "S" tips to reduce premature aging are:


Limit sugar intake, which can zap the collagen in your beautiful skin over time. Too much may lead to "sugar sag." That extra-sugary latte Every. Single. Day. is not worth it. 


Getting a minimum of 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep lets your body heal itself from the physical demands and stresses of the day. Wake up with refreshed.


Smiling lifts your whole face and brings out the twinkle in your eyes. Plus, it just feels good. 

Skin Care.

Good habits are crucial to healthy skin. How you care for your skin and the products that are used make a lasting difference. Try Rescue Skin serum. We are sure you'll love it when you see how your skin feels and looks.

How we treat our bodies is fundamental. A unique study of several sets of identical twins showed the effects of either stress, sun, or smoke on one who did and the other who refrained. 

Time will always win but what we do with it is in our hands.