Nature vs. Nurture: Which Matters More for Healthy Skin?


Nature vs. Nurture: Which Matters More for Healthy Skin?

Genetics plays a significant role in our lives. They affect how we look, our temperament, and in some cases, what medical conditions we are more likely to develop. So that begs the question, how important is genetics in how our skin looks?

Nature vs. Nurture in Skincare

We are told that endless factors affect our skin, including self-care, skincare, beauty products, environment, and diet, but do they stand a chance against genetics? 

When it comes to aging, some people can thank genetics for their skin’s ability to hold on to elastin and collagen, two compounds that give you youthful skin. As we age, these two elements decrease, resulting in fine lines and under-eye bags. 

Studies have shown some factors associated with skin aging and “supergenes.” A few resulted in elastin and collagen levels that did not decrease as much as expected. So, while supergenes have an influence, the effect of genetics is small compared to your lifestyle choices. Genes may start you off in the right direction, but even someone with the best genes will develop poor skin if they don’t take care of it.  

Everyone, no matter their genetics, can benefit from adding certain habits to their day, including:Use Sunscreen

Perhaps one of the most common tips for more graceful aging, sunscreen is your best friend when it comes to maintaining youthful skin. It’s always best to start wearing it as soon as possible, don’t wait until the fine lines begin to appear; sooner is better for sun protection.

study found that 80% of visible aging signs can be attributed to sun exposure, so be sure to wear your sunscreen!Reduce Stress

When you are stressed, your face may show it. One of the stress hormones, cortisol, can trigger oil production around the hairline. If this oil gets on your face and clogs your pores, it can lead to acne.

In addition, many people who are stressed struggle with sleeping at night. Not only does your body repair any damage to the skin while you are sleeping, but a lack of sleep also makes your skin appear paler, which can make under-eye circles more prominent. If you want your best skin, try and reduce your stress levels.Hydrate Your Skin

Dehydrated skin not only feels dry, cracked, or flaky, but it can also appear dull and unhealthy because dry skin cells do not reflect light as well. If you want your best skin, make sure to stay hydrated.

There are two ways to hydrate the skin. The first is to drink water, which hydrates your entire body and is vital for general and skin health. The second way to hydrate your skin is to use a moisturizer on its surface, locking in moisture and healing rough skin. 

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