Beach Day, Every Day


Beach Day, Every Day

Summer is a couple of weeks away, which means beach days are ahead. Let's pack our beach bags!

The perfect beach bag is a necessity. What do the pros carry? After asking around, the list has come down to these essentials.

A Beach Bag (of course)

Preferably a mesh one, so sand can easily be shaken out, and all essentials are visible.


It's best to have a squeeze, squirt, or pump bottle of sun cream versus an aerosol. Why? Spraying an aerosol in your face is not safe. It's not the better choice for the environment. Also, it tends to be less concentrated in aerosol form compared to a regular bottle.


Skin isn't the only body part you need to protect. UV light damages our eyes, especially the retina. Make sure that your kids are protected. Their eyes are even more vulnerable!


As much water as possible, all that sun, heat, and wind will make you thirsty. Hydrate your body, especially in hotter temperatures. Being dehydrated can make you weary, and possibly, ups the chances of a sun stroke (heat stroke).

Beach Towel or Blanket

Beach Tent or Umbrella

The Neso has become quite popular. Whatever tent you buy, make sure it is made of UPF material to protect you from harmful rays.

Beach Shoes 

To avoid burning your feet on the hot sand, make sure you protect your feet. Plus, there could be something like trash in the sand when closer to a boardwalk. Reef Water Vista shoes look excellent. Any flip-flops will do, though.

Talc-free Baby Powder

The fastest and most dynamic hack to remove sand is by using talc-free baby powder, like Burt's Bees Baby Dusting Powder.

Sun hat

We often think of our faces when shielding from UV rays, but a sun hat protects the skin and hair.

Toilet paper

Better to be safe than sorry. Beach restrooms are not always equipped with the essentials.

Hand Sanitizer

Another item that the restrooms may lack. And we've become accustomed to keeping our hands clean at all times. 

Pure Aloe Vera

No matter how well you protect your skin, it will inevitably get some UV damage. Pure aloe vera is a must, such as Badger Aloe Vera Gel. Before leaving the beach, rubbing aloe vera on your skin can condition and repair it after a day in the sun.

After sun skin care is so critical. It's best to wait a few days before exfoliating. Everyone can have fun in the sun and keep their skin healthy. Follow up with your skin care routine. Give Rxescue Skin a try! It'll give the much-needed boost in after-sun skin care.