Havana Lite

Sale price$699.00

Introducing the GoBoat Lite! The world's lightest and most compact motorized boat! Designed with women and small adults in mind, this smaller-sized watercraft packs a ton of family fun. With a diameter of 55 inches, compared to its larger sibling's 70 inches, it's perfect for exploring or engaging in lively bumper boat activities. Cruise smoothly at 5 mph with our 5-speed motor, taking advantage of the GoBoat Lite's nimble maneuverability and shallow depth to access unique spots beyond the reach of most boats.

After your adventure, simply deflate it and toss it in the trunk. Its compact size makes it easy to store, fitting neatly in a closet. Experience the joy of water activities with the whole family on the GoBoat Lite – a lightweight and compact choice for endless aquatic adventures.

Assembly Video