Double Freedom

Sale price$699.00

Experience double the freedom and double the fun with our innovative 2-person GoBoat. Explore the water together in comfort as the extra-wide bubble seat and elongated deck provide enhanced stability. Crafted from virtually impenetrable Armorlite material, this watercraft conveniently fits into a compact bag for easy transport. It's the same width as our Standard GoBoat but 20" longer and provides even greater stability.

Unlike any other personal watercraft on the market, the GoBoat eliminates the need to stand or paddle. Simply relax with a cold beverage and cruise in comfort. Ideal for various activities such as exploration, fishing, or family bumper boat fun, the GoBoat features ample storage bungees and space behind the seat for a cooler, allowing you to enjoy extended water adventures.

Equipped with two t-slot rails for attachments like cup holders, fishing rod holders, fish finders, and more, the GoBoat offers customization options. The 5-speed motor allows for a smooth cruising experience at 5 mph. Take advantage of the GoBoat's quick maneuverability and shallow depth to access places most boats can't reach.

When your water adventure concludes, simply deflate the GoBoat and toss it in the trunk. Its compact size even allows for convenient storage in a closet. Embrace the freedom to explore the water together with our 2-person GoBoat – a unique and versatile watercraft for endless aquatic adventures.