All Things: Mind, Body, & Soul Yasmine Richards

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Thank you for taking time to join the RxESCUESKIN team. We’re hyped for everyone to know more about you. Please give us a quick backstory of yourself. You’ve had quite a career, including a producer for MTV and multi-platform host.

Did you always know you wanted to become a mom?

100%. In fact, I always hoped that I would have a girl first, then a boy. And I got exactly that.

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day?

Celebrating other mommies. From family members to friends and neighbors. They can all get this good mom love.

How did having a child change your life? No one is ever 100% prepared, but were you somewhat prepared?

Whew, it most definitely did change it. It is the most magical and intense experience one could ever have. I don’t think anybody could truly be prepared. Sure you can have a ton of tips but your little person is YOUR little person and there is only one you. How this life changing experience affects you is so very personal and powerful.

Do you feel that you’ve found balance with parenting and a career?

I think the only balance is knowing that you can’t control everything and you really have to give everyone some grace. I’m only recently getting back into the workforce but I’m going FULL STEAM AHEAD and I’ve had a glimpse of what working moms have experienced and let me tell you, superheroes are real. My mom is a working mom til this day and she’s the biggest inspiration as a mom and workout warrior. 

Moms don’t have much time to themselves. How do you stay on top of your health and fitness?

Ironically doing the same things I did when I was pregnant. Parking a little further, taking the stairs, going on walks (now with the kiddos on the outside, of course). My kids love fruits and veggies so nutrition is pretty simple to maintain. Also there are TONS of fun “chases” and dance exercises on YouTube. My kids really love those. 

When you don’t feel like exercising or doing anything, what sparks you to move?

Knowing that I will absolutely feel better for getting in a workout. Even if it's just a 5 min core program. 

What’s your #1 skin habit?

SLEEP. I do not play about my sleep. 

We love that you use RxESCUESKIN. What have you noticed most since using it?

My skin feels supple. Like who on earth describes their own skin with that word but truly that’s how it feels. Soft and delicious. That’s how my skin feels every time I apply that goodness. 

Thank you for giving us some insights and pieces of who you are. We’re excited to be sharing your body weight exercise video!