Rescue Family of Products
A foundation in research,
for advanced skin science

Scharp Technologies, its research scientists, and extended network of scientists, clinicians, and health professionals, are leaders in science and technology, pioneering a better approach to health and aging.


Scientific Direction

The Scharp Technologies and RESCUE partnership begins with the most advanced research available today related to anti-aging. Dr. Scharp, along with scientific and medical advisors, consults on clinical trials and additional research to pursue, and how to translate that research into potential products that can have the most positive impact on health and aging.



RESCUE’s board members participate in various fields of study, including biochemistry, anti-aging, and wellness. They also work in a variety of roles as regulatory officials, clinicians, and scientists. The scope of their expertise provides RESCUE with the resources to research and build scientifically and clinically validated products.


Institutional Affiliation

RESCUE via Scharp Technologies has ongoing collaborations with top academic and private sector institutions which in turn has provided us significant access to top researchers globally.

A leading scientific mind

RESCUE Skin’s revolutionary technology is the work of David Scharp, MD. His research continues to pioneer our understanding of how cells work to prolong life. Dr. Scharp is the founder of leading companies including Novocell, Cytotherapeutics, Prodolabs and the Scharp-Lacy Research Institute.

Dr. Scharp has contributed to 15 patents, 200+ publications and continuous NIH and JDRF grants. He has conducted independent work with NASA, McDonnell Douglas and Johnson & Johnson.

Groundbreaking clinical research

Scharp Labs and RESCUE conduct ongoing research into how to best support cells to further understand how they function at peak performance. That research helps us to offer the best in class clinically tested products to RESCUE customers.

Our work studying the adult human stem cell-derived MDFc19 has shown measurable clinical results in supporting natural dermal fibroblast activity and the resulting acceleration of natural cellular turnover.

The diagram at right shows how properly optimized dermal fibroblasts appear in population in relation to unoptimized fibroblasts.

Human dermal fibroblast activity unoptimized (left) and optimized (right).
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