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About Savi Win

Savi Win is recognized as a fitness entrepreneur who believes that taking care of yourself is the biggest form of self love, and that everyone owes that to themselves. She also understands that it doesn’t develop overnight! That is why Savi works on helping as many women as possible become their best selves through fitness, nutrition, and overall health. She is proactive with her mission in a few ways:

1.) She runs an instagram account that focuses on health and fitness. There, you can find lots of helpful information to guide you towards your personal goals. She provides a variety of content regarding all things fitness. Most of her posts consist of science and evidence based fitness/nutrition advice, home and gym workouts, daily motivation, and ways to work on growing a healthy mind, body, and soul.

2.) She is an In-Person/Online Personal Trainer and Coach! With years of training experience, a certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, mentorship under Bret Contreras (PhD, CSCS, *D), and growing up as an athlete, Savi loves being a direct part of helping others succeed through support and education.

3.) She is always working on back-end projects! With so many people in the world, she is constantly trying to find ways to broaden her reach. Savi wants everyone to feel like a #winner and be In It To Win It in all areas of life! Our mind, body, and soul are the foundations of everything we do, so she encourages strengthening overall health to support our life goals. To spread the awareness and direct people down the most optimal path to becoming a #winner, she is developing workout guides, nutrition plans, and a fitness app that can be easily accessed online in the future. 

Q&A with Savi Win

When did your health and wellness journey begin? Has fitness always been a part of your life? Do you come from an active family?

Fitness has always been a significant part of my life. I grew up with three brothers and we all played sports throughout our childhood! I participated in ballet, brazilian ju jitsu, softball, competitive cheer, and gymnastics. My older brothers played football and baseball, and my younger brother did cross country. My mom was very busy! Haha!

My health and wellness journey began when my participation in sports ended. As a naturally very active person, I turned to the gym and fell in love with resistance training. I loved the process of learning about movement patterns, how to program my exercises, and what kind of nutrition supported my physique goals. 

Your fitness motto is “In it to win it.” Would you explain what that means to you and overall fitness? How does that carry on when you’re training others?

I’m Savi Win so of course it’s a fun play on words, but being “in it to win it,” actually means a lot to me and my approach to fitness. It took me years to figure out how to optimize my nutrition and workouts in order to support my goals and gain my desired results. Throughout the process, I gained value beyond how I looked in the mirror. My discipline, confidence, strength, relationship with food, fitness and overall health improved immensely… and I just want to help all women reach this level of self-love sooner than it took me to develop. 

I think that focusing on those aspects provides a journey that is a lot more constructive, inspiring, and sustainable than striving to lose fat. Plus, this approach still contributes towards fat loss! It just yields a greater form of self-love as well. We can’t focus on motivation alone. The patience that comes with losing fat, building muscle, and developing healthy habits isn’t necessarily easy. It takes consistency over time, not overnight. By supporting women and providing accountability/direction, we can all rise up together. We are all in it to win it! And it’s a beautiful journey. Vince Lombardi once said, “Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.”

Your glute workouts look intense. Mine burn from watching. What makes you so committed and how do you help others to stay committed to fitness? Because it doesn’t come naturally to most of us.

I remind myself that my goals are more important than my lack of motivation. When my clients lack the drive to support their fitness goals, I remind them that they always feel better when they go through the process and usually feel regret when they don’t. That affects their confidence!

Self-discipline is the key to self-love. When you do what you say you’re going to do for yourself… when you do what you need to do even when you don’t want to do it… that’s when you’re successful. We all deserve to hold high standards for ourselves and create our best selves. In it to win it!  

The skin is usually a sign of what is happening within the body. Do you feel that fitness has enhanced your whole body?

100%! I feel noticeably better when I nourish my body and stay active. My skin looks more refreshed, my muscles pop, and my energy increases. As I balance my physical health & wellness, I also become more receptive to my mental health & wellness. 

Aside from the obvious, how has your fitness lifestyle changed your life?

My discipline and confidence that stemmed from fitness have transferred into every aspect of my life. My career, routine, friendships, relationships, literally everything. I am forever grateful for what fitness has taught me and continues to teach me everyday. There is always room to grow and everyday is an opportunity to become better. THAT is when you are truly winning!

For more information about Savi Win:
instagram/tiktok: @saviwin