RxS Rewards

What Is RxS Rewards?

We have created RxS Rewards in lieu of doing the ongoing promotional events that many of other companies have build their brands on.

Rescueskin Laboratories is a small science, research & development company specializing in skin health and wellness. 

We have taken the initiative to primarily focus on our customers and our ground-breaking science which has allowed us to change many lives throughout the years.

Our stem cell technology is complex and difficult, especially pairing it with the cleanest, sustainable, and safest ingredients which have set RxESCUESKIN apart from any other skincare/beauty company.

We have decided to opt-out of most of the traditional sales events throughout the years and replace them with our customer rewards and loyalty opportunities; where you can earn continuous savings based on your engagement and interaction with us based on your needs.

This will allow us to invest more in our science, research, and development of products that improve skin health & wellness over heavy marketing campaigns of mediocre products.


How Does RxS Rewards Work?

The program is completely free; You just have to create an account with us, so that you can earn your points and rewards (without an account, we are unable to track and allocate your rewards as we won't know who you are).

You will have various opportunities to earn points towards your purchases as well as rewards that you can redeem to reduce your total cost.

Opportunities are as follows but not limited to:

  • Entering your Birthday (for a special birthday gift)
  • Engagement with our social media channels (following us, liking, commenting)
  • Every purchase earns points.
  • Customer loyalty rewards purchase with us several times and earn a different loyalty tier, unlocking discount pricing and additional benefits.
  • Leaving a review for us and share if you like the results.
  • and many more... We will consistently add other ways of earning.

You can always check and see what's available by looking at the "Learn More" tab.

Step 1: Launch RxS Rewards

Click on the "Rewards" icon on the bottom left on the desktop website to open the Rewards menu.


RxS Rewards Step 1


Step 2: Select Your Options From the RxS Reward Menu

  1. Create New Account (It will be the same you will use for purchases)
  2. Log in if you already have an existing account
  3. Click "Learn More" to open the menu of the points and opportunities to earn points and rewards.

Launch RxS Rewards Menu

Step 3: Create Your Account

You can create your account by using your email or login with your favorite social media channel.


RxS Rewards Login or Create Account

Step 4: Select Your Rewards and Opportunities


Select RxS Rewards

Earn RxS Rewards