RxESCUESKIN is a brand built on the power of what healthy bodies produce in abundance— bone marrow. Sourced from adult donors in tip-top shape, our nutrient-packed serum is the gold standard for natural, science-backed skincare that reduces signs of aging, increases skin rejuvenation, escalates collagen production, and promotes cell turnover. Due to our exclusive rights on MDFc19, a bone marrow compound that transforms skin on a cellular level, we were able to create a high-end serum with benefits that go far beyond what it can do for your skin

When we launched our brand in 2017, our team promised to remain steadfastly dedicated to our overall well-being and that of the RxESCUESKIN community and, of course, the furry four-legged friends we love so dearly. This commitment has seen our brand skyrocket to incredible heights, with rave reviews from customers and happy fur-babies whose lives have been changed for good.


RxESCUESKIN is committed to making a meaningful contribution by highlighting the importance of national animal welfare and building awareness around the plight of animals across the country. Every decision we make is guided by what our team can do to uplift the most defenseless among us. With a powerful dual focus in mind, we ask: ‘how can we revolutionize skincare for our loyal customers while positively affecting the lives of animals in our local communities?’ Our commitment to animal welfare goes further than ensuring that our product is cruelty-free. The RxESCUESKIN team actively participates in our local communities, donating valuable time and considerable funds to deserving shelters and animal rights organizations.

With this bold mission leading our way, we believe that our innovative skincare brand can be a force for good by offering a line that delivers exceptional results while helping to improve the lives of animals in our communities and educate and serve our community.


RxESCUESKIN strives to uphold the values of premium quality, outstanding customer service, and 100% transparency. In a similar vein, we also champion the notions of compassion, kindness, empathy, and sustainability. As we forge ahead, we look to a future where beauty radiates from the inside out and where advocacy for animals is a case that is close to everyone’s hearts.

That’s why our RxESCUESKIN team initiative empowers both our team members and customers to donate to the animal welfare projects they care about while investing in their own well-being. We’re particularly proud of our work with the Clearfield County SPCA, which sponsors low-cost spay/neuter clinics. Spaying and neutering our pets is the only real solution for helping to solve animal overpopulation.

To learn more about the life-changing work that this organization does, visit


We’re conscious of the impact that we’re privileged to have, and while our eyes are set on continual growth in the near future, we will always keep animal welfare at the forefront of our mission.

The legacy we impart by enacting tangible change is our proudest accomplishment. RxESCUESKIN’s philanthropic efforts would not be possible without the patronage and support of animal lovers just like you.

Thank you for being part of the journey.