Our Ambassador - Rewards Programs

Skin care is a daily, ongoing adventure. It is not something you do every once in a while. We also understand that it can get costly overtime. Developing one of the cleanest, natural, and bio-compatible products on the market requires the use of top-quality ingredients, and research to ensure the efficacy of our products that you will love for many years to come.

Our Customers Are The Core of Our Business

At Rxescueskin Laboratories and as a small company, we have come to the conclusion to focus on our customer loyalty and science over dumping large budgets into marketing campaigns and sales events while providing a mediocre product and service. 

Therefore, we've decided instead of staying on top of the consistent sales and promotional campaigns. We're giving our customers the opportunity to decide what type of savings they would like to receive by helping us spread the word.

What does this mean?

It means that you can save all year around at your convenience, by simply doing things you already do like purchasing with us, engage with us on social media, and various other options, in addition to accumulating RxS Dabs that you then can redeem for savings at your purchase.

For our most loyal customers we also offer tiered status that provide additional savings and benefits. We will apply these statuses automatically once you reach the requirements.

Loyalty Status

Diamond: 10+ purchases

additional 25% off each time you make a purchase during your status. Make 1 purchase every 6 months to retain the discount status.

Platinum: 7+ purchases

additional 15% off each time you make a purchase during your status. Make 1 purchase every 6 months to retain the discount status.

Gold: 5+ purchases

additional 10% off each time you make a purchase during your status. Make 1 purchase every 6 months to retain discount status.

Silver: 3+ purchases

additional 5% off each time you make a purchase during your status. Make 1 purchase every 6 months to retain discount status

Available Programs

RxS Members And Customer Loyalty

Our rewards program is open and free to everyone, and is very straight forward. You only need to create an account to start. We will present you with several actionable items, each offer "Dabs" that can be redeemed for store credit when you accumulate the threshold.

You can always see your opportunities in our "RxS Rewards" tab on the bottom left on our website. Points will be added after each action has been successfully completed.

Each action item has different values and many can be used several times, such as engaging on our social media channels, share products, articles, blogs, adding your birth date for a special reward, and so on.

Something as simple as "Creating an Account" will earn you 10 Dabs on the Dollar for every purchase.

You can always see your balance. "Dabs" are usually available immediately to five days based on the action for redemption.


Our affiliate programs are revenue share based. This is an opportunity for customers to earn some extra money by simply referring prospects to RxESCUESKIN. With each qualifying purchase, you will receive a % of the sale.

We have a self-serve portal that gives you the tools to monitor and measure your results and commission. Upon approval, you will be set up on our affiliate portal where you have tracking URLs and codes that you can use to promote on your social media, website, etc. You must use them as outlined as this is how we track your traffic / sales.

There are a few tiers, and we also offer an escalating scale; which means the more you sell, the more we offer in revenue share. We pay out every 30 - 45 Days.

Interested in our Affiliate Program and ready to earn some extra income?

Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassadors are social media influencers that have a strong presence on their respective platforms. We work with both Micro and Macro influencers, but to qualify for this program, our social media team will need to vet each participant.

We are not too concerned about the "numbers," as in how many followers you have, but more so on the type of followers while the engagement must match our criteria. Our social media team will determine if your follower base is the right match. If your engagement is something that complements our brand, we believe that our partnership will be productive.

For the Brand Ambassador, we require the use of our platforms that we use to monitor and measure success. If we determine that there is a synergy, we will email you an invitation to join.

If you would like to become a RxESCUESKIN Ambassador, please fill out the form below, and our social media team will get back to your within three business days.