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Barre Yoga
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Barre Yoga

Q&A with Lauren Arps

You have a unique combination of barre-yoga and dance fitness. Would you please explain what barre-yoga is? And how you combine dance fitness into your routines?

Barre-yoga is the fusion of balletic exercises and movements with the breath-work and deep stretches of yoga. My ballet dance cardio class is 30 minutes of hard pumping fun but challenging dance cardio class. This class is a huge calorie burner so 3-4 times a week in combination with my ballet barre class will help you build lean, long muscle in no time!

You’re so fit. Have you always been comfortable in your body? How has barre-yoga and dance helped you in your life?

I’ve definitely have not always been comfortable in my body. It’s something that dance, specifically ballet has taught me to be confident in. When you are aware of your body, you notice how you stand and posture does a ton for confidence. Just try standing with your chest out and proud, shoulders down and back with a long supported neck, and tell me you don’t feel like royalty. 

What do you want people to take away from your workouts? People look like they’re having fun!

Learn to let go! So many times, I have students asking if they NEED to have dance experience to join the class. Of course not! Take the expectation out of class and learn to let go and trust yourself and leave the rest to me!

The skin is usually a sign of what is happening within the body. Do you feel that barre-yoga has enhanced your whole body?

Absolutely, it's a huge mood booster for me. Helps me start my day with positive energy and intention every time. It’s never just about the physical results. As a matter of fact, the physical is simply of moving your body. Deciding to join class, getting up, signing up, and following through takes an entirely different amount of strength. Choose yourself today and every day, and you will always be satisfied with the result.