Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is RESCUE Skin?

A: RESCUE Skin is a preventative and restorative, adult, human stem cell derived, natural skincare solution. That means it can help to prevent future fine lines, loss of volume and elasticity, while also improving skin tone and texture, and other skin challenges related to aging skin. Due to its restorative properties, it also helps reduce puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, skin imperfections such as scars, pigmentation issues, and even acne. In both instances, RESCUE supports your skin’s own natural ability to produce pro-collagen and dermal fibroblasts – the two most fundamental factors of visibly healthy, younger skin.

Q: Who should use RESCUE Skin?

A: RESCUE Skin is for all skin types, women and men aged 21+ who want visibly youthful, healthy skin. For dry to extra dry skin we recommend using both the RESCUE Serum Concentrate and the Ultra Moisturizer. Apply the Serum first, wait 1-2 minutes for full absorption, followed by the moisturizer. For combination skin we recommend starting with the serum. If you find your skin requires additional emollients, add the moisturizer. For oily or acne-prone skin only use the Serum Concentrate.
Pro Tip: If you are under the age of 25, we recommend you start with the Serum Concentrate as your skin most likely doesn’t require additional moisture.

Q: How long will it take to see results?

A: The results will depend on individual goals and starting point or current state of skin health and/or challenges. While RESCUE will immediately begin supporting cellular activity adult skin typically takes an average of 21 days to turn over, up to 40+ days if you are over the age of 65.
Pro Tip: RESCUE is the ideal treatment for after-sun care. In cases of noncritical sunburn, RESCUE has been featured in numerous publications like VOGUE as a sunburn solution due to its ability to support damaged skin with rapid results – helping to reduce the red tone, swelling and irritation upon application.

Q: What is the difference between the Serum Concentrate and the Ultra Moisturizer?

A: The differences between the Serum Concentrate and the Ultra Moisturizer lay in the formulation, and the corresponding role each plays in supporting your skin. While both contain the same amount of our adult, human stem cell derived core active, MDFc19, the serum is formulated to deliver its ingredients deeper into the dermal layers of the skin. The moisturizer offers more hydration properties to give dryer skin the necessary emollients it requires. The Ultra Moisturizer additionally supports the deeper dermal layers of the skin helping aging or dehydrated skin retain moisture in the epidermis to appear soft and supple.

Q: When do I apply RESCUE?

A: RESCUE application is highly personal and can be used in a variety of ways depending upon the current state of your skin, which can change for a variety of reasons, including seasonal changes. Regardless of when and where you use it, always apply RESCUE to clean skin, starting with the serum and when required followed by the moisturizer – allowing for 1-2 minutes for product absorption in between steps. Whether your skin requires the serum, moisturizer or both, the packets are designed to deliver the optimal dose with every single-serve application.
Pro Tip: If you are only going to use RESCUE 1X/day, we always recommend a PM application on clean skin. When your body is at rest RESCUE can work its magic without the topical and/or environmental challenges that often occur during the day.

Q: Do I use RESCUE with a sunscreen?

A: Yes! As with any product that promotes cellular turnover, we highly recommend you use a daily sunscreen with a SPF of at least 30, which should be reapplied at least every two hours when exposed to direct sun. RESCUE does not include an SPF because it would block the skin from absorbing our core active, MDFc19.
Pro Tip: When using a sunscreen in combination with RESCUE, always apply RESCUE first on clean skin, wait 1-2 minutes for full absorption and follow up with your choice of sunscreen.

Q: Can I use with makeup?

A: Absolutely! When using makeup, always start your RESCUE application on clean skin. Whether using the serum, moisturizer or both, always allow 1-2 minutes for each product to absorb (starting with the serum) prior to makeup application.
Pro Tip: Several of our celebrity makeup artists will use the RESCUE Serum Concentrate as an ideal 1st step (or primer) to depuff, hydrate, and alleviate redness prior to makeup application. Due to the serum’s lightweight feel and fast absorption, it won’t cause makeup to slide or impact long wearing foundations or concealers’ staying power.

Q: Can I use it with a Retinol?

A: Yes, RESCUE and a Retinol A are safe to use in conjunction. First apply RESCUE on clean skin wait 1-2 minutes and follow with Retinol A.
Pro Tip: When using Retinol A combined with RESCUE it’s even more important to ALWAYS take extra precautions to avoid exposure to sun. Always remember to wear an SPF of 30+ along with wearing a wide-brimmed hat, or avoid the sun all together.

Q: What age should I start using RESCUE?

A: Because of RESCUE’s preventative and restorative properties, it’s ideal for all skin types, women and men aged 20+.
Pro Tip: If you are under the age of 25, we recommend you start with the Serum Concentrate as your skin most likely doesn’t require additional moisture.

Q: Will I experience any kind of initial breakout when first using RESCUE?

A: A very small percentage (<5%) of our users experience an initial breakout when using RESCUE. In almost all instances this is a direct result of RESCUE contributing to the process of natural cellular turnover helping to build new healthy skin and “turnover” the older layers of the skin. In these instances, many of the impurities that have remained dormant are pushed through. Stick with RESCUE for one week and you will see amazing results. That said, if you experience significant irritation, painful redness or anything that would indicate an allergic reaction, stop using RESCUE and/or any other product you are using immediately.

Q: Is this safe for women that are pregnant or breastfeeding?

A: Yes, RESCUE is safe for both pregnant women and those whom are breastfeeding.
Pro Tip: If you are breastfeeding, do not apply around the breast.

Q: Why packets?

A: 5 Key Reasons:

  1. Zero Oxidation: Given our packet’s hermetically sealed edge, you no longer have to worry about the product oxidizing. You’ll always get the most potent version of our formula, unlike products that come in a jar or tube. Because our packets are air-tight, the formula isn’t repeatedly exposed to the environment, maintaining its efficacy longer.
  2. Ultra Hygienic: Because our packets don’t allow for fingers, hands or other applicators to be introduced to the formula, they also don’t promote the growth of unwanted bacteria.
  3. Optimal Dose: We’ve taken the guess work out of deciding how much product to use to obtain ideal results. Each packet is designed to offer the optimal dose of RESCUE in a single-serving.
    Pro tip: If by chance you have extra product left, simply fold the packet over and save it for your next application.
  4. Always Available: The single-serve packets ensure your skincare is always available, and in reach right when you need it. (Certainly beats throwing a jar or tube in your pocket.)
    Pro Tip: The RESCUE packet truly is the ideal travel partner – it’s TSA compliant and guaranteed to never explode in your bag!
  5. Eco Friendly: Yes, it’s true, our single-serve packets are eco-friendly and completely recyclable! In fact, our entire production process – from materials to packets – is 100% made in Southern California. Why’s that important? The majority of today’s cosmetic and skincare companies source their bottles from China. Between the weight savings, shipping and environmental impact of unregulated offshore production, RESCUE Skin can produce (30) full boxes here in America for every (1) bottle of standard product.

Q: Are the packets wasteful and bad for the environment?

A: The RESCUE single-serve packets are eco-friendly and completely recyclable. In fact, our entire production process – from materials to packets – is 100% made in Southern California. Why’s that important? The majority of today’s cosmetic and skincare companies source their bottles from China. Between the weight savings, shipping and environmental impact of unregulated offshore production, RESCUE Skin can produce (30) full boxes here in America for every (1) bottle of standard product.

Q: Why is the Serum Concentrate tan in color?

A: The tan to brown tone of the RESCUE Serum Concentrate is proof that we practice what we preach. When RESCUE says it uses only the best natural ingredients from the best sources, it also means that those ingredients can have significant variance in color due to seasonality of harvest and also location. In other words, the quality of our ingredients as well as the vendors who supply them are far more important to us than the color. While many skincare companies go to great lengths to artificially color their products to achieve a pigment or hue that is trending or in fashion, we don’t believe in practicing that approach. We believe in making the best product, with the best sourced ingredients at the time we manufacture. What we may sacrifice in color consistency, we more than make up for in efficacy of product. RESCUE’s practice of not unnaturally altering our product is more important now than ever before, specifically as we create larger batches. Our focus from the beginning was to create the best performing naturally-based rejuvenating skincare formulations, period. We will not deviate from the approach, and hope you as our customer appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes into every batch of RESCUE.

Q: Why is RESCUE’s fragrance so unique?

A: Just like the natural color, RESCUE’s scent is free of artificial fragrance, it’s all natural. As a result, the scent may fluctuate slightly with each harvest of natural ingredients and batch of RESCUE due to the natural mix of ingredients. This allows for even the most sensitive skins to better tolerate our products without the negative effects often experienced with skincare products using perfumes, dyes, or other artificial fragrances.

Q: What type of stem cells do you use?

A: We use adult mesenchymal stem cells to produce our core active known as MDFc19. Our products include derivatives from these stem cells that are found in healthy skin cells in the body. Derivatives such as peptides, proteins, and enzymes present when cells replicate to produce new healthy skin cells, or respond to trauma when the skin is damaged.

Q: Where do your stem cells come from?

A: Our stem cells are adult donor documented, triple screened and sourced adult Mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow. Our donors are between the ages of 19-25, as Mesenchymal stem cells are at peak efficiency during this stage.

Q: If I use your product am I actually putting stem cells on my face?

A: No you are not putting stem cells on your face. Stem cells are too large to pass through the epidermis, and as such, wouldn’t be an effective product for direct use in skincare. Additionally, stem cells die when directly exposed to air. While there are no stem cells in the product, we do grow adult stem cells in our Southern California laboratory using proprietary techniques, and harvest derivatives from these stem cells that are found in healthy skin cells in the body. Derivatives such as peptides, proteins, cytokines and enzymes that are present when cells replicate to produce new healthy skin cells, and also present when responding to trauma.

Q: I have clients with eczema, would you recommend RESCUE?

A: We always recommend an in person consult with your doctor or dermatologist for the best customized solution. That said, while the causes of adult eczema can be multifaceted, they generally all have their origin in some form of inflammation, be it topical irritant, allergic response, or genetics. Inflammation, or an inflammatory response occurs as the immune system responds to control or eradicate an infection. The redness is a byproduct of tissue becoming red and warm as more blood reaches the area of response.  Serum Concentrate can be an excellent choice for those suffering with eczema as it helps to promote and support the skin’s natural process of cellular turnover, which calls forth many supportive cellular healing factors to the location of the trauma. Think of it as bringing in a back up team to help support the immune system that is already hard at work. It absorbs quickly and penetrates the targeted skin to offer both dermal support in the form of MDFc19, and topical relief in the form of many clinically established soothing ingredients for many common symptoms associated with eczema.

Q: What do you recommend for someone with rosacea?

A: Basically the same answer for eczema. Although with Rosacea you have the potential to see dramatic results more quickly, as many of RESCUE’s ingredients, including the core active can quickly help to reduce the surface erythema or redness, present in most instances of rosacea.

Q: Are your products safe to use around the eyes? And if yes, does it do anything for puffiness?

A: Although we don’t market either of our products as eye creams or serums, you can safely and effectively use the serum and moisturizer around the orbital bone, as the tissue around the eye while thinner and more sensitive is still characteristically the same dermal tissue covering the rest of the body.
With respect to puffiness, due to the coffee Arabica extract and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice included in both the Serum Concentrate and Ultra Moisturizer, both are well suited to treat the under-eye area. However, because of the fast absorbing nature of the serum and minimal emollients when compared to the moisturizer, we recommend the serum over the moisturizer for the eye area.
Pro Tip: Many makeup artists and individuals will place our serum packets in the fridge and then treat the under-eye area with the cooled formula to assist with immediate inflammation and puffiness, which can often be the cause of dark circles. We’ve been told that the serum is incredible under any concealer, primer or foundation, as it quickly absorbs without negatively impacting the staying power of your makeup.

Q: If a client has dry skin, but experiences acne, which product do you recommend to avoid further breakouts?

A: The Serum Concentrate as it is both a non-comedogenic formulation, and because it helps to promote natural cellular renewal and corresponding skin turnover. RESCUE Serum also contains a small moisturizing element so the skin isn’t completely devoid of moisture support.
The prevailing cause of acne is pores becoming blocked with oil, dead skin and/or bacteria. That blockage is traditionally treated by over cleaning or drying the skin, which can often lead to stripping it of natural and needed oils. As a result, the oil glands begin to accelerate production to accommodate the loss of necessary emollients. The serum assists in recovering the needed moisture through providing the skin with just enough moisturizing elements without clogging pores, while helping to promote natural cellular turnover, or the production of new skin so pores don’t clog in the first place.
Pro Tip: Makeup artists love the fast absorption as it allows for quick follow up of concealers or foundations, while helping to support your skin and not impact the staying power of your makeup or set deadlines.

Q: Are your formulations organic?

A: Our formulations are natural with many organic ingredients, all sourced through companies with socially responsible practices.

Q: Do your formulations include soy?

A: No, our products do not contain soy.

Q: Are your formulations gluten free?

A: RESCUE formulations do contain a very small percentage of wheat gluten. However, gluten-containing skincare is not a problem unless ingested. There is often confusion, because in some cases individuals will develop a form of Celiac disease called dermatitis herpetiformis (DH), which causes an itchy blistering rash. This skin disorder is linked to gluten intolerance, but although it involves the skin, DH is caused by ingesting gluten, and not by topical contact.

Q: What do you recommend for someone that has redness due to recently having a chemical peel or other professional service?

A: Chemical peels, much like laser resurfacing are employed to induce trauma to the skin. By inducing trauma, the skin responds by producing more skin cells among other healing factors in order to heal itself. What makes RESCUE unique is that by supporting the skin’s natural process of renewal, specifically with out core stem cell derived active MDFc19, we are able to help promote that same growth without the need to induce trauma. So, in a sense, RESCUE is like having a chemical peel without the need to directly damage your skin. In instances where you are going to get a chemical peel, or laser treatment, we strongly recommend you use RESCUE both before and after. By using it before, you will already help to support more immediate healing once you have the treatment; the same with post. In addition to our core active, the Serum Concentrate has many other supportive ingredients that will help contribute to healthy skin function. Some of these include: Arabica extract, Acetyl Glucosamine, meadowfoam seed oil, and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, all offering various supportive and anti-inflammatory factors.
Pro Tip: Makeup artists love the fast absorption of the serum, which allows for quick application of concealers or foundations without negatively impacting the staying power of your makeup or set deadlines.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Because we stand behind our science and formulations, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. To return your RESCUE, simply send a refund request to: [email protected] along with your order number. From there you will be emailed a prepaid return label to send back your unused product. Once received, the refund will be processed, which depending upon your credit card or banking organization, will take anywhere from 5 – 7 business days to process.