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Sound Bath

Q&A with El Larson Heare

El Larson is a sound practitioner and wellness designer who uses ancient Himalayan singing bowls and modular synthesis to create a space where people can release, recalibrate and regain deeper perspective. El has studied and practiced healing modalities for over 20 years, and is certified in sound healing, reiki, Ayurveda, BTB feng shui, and the WELL and fitwel building standards. Her personal practices include several limbs of yoga, martial arts and shamanism.

Would you please take a moment to explain what a sound bath is?

A sound bath is an immersive, meditative audio experience where practitioners play instruments (typically singing bowls, gongs, drums, voice, etc - I also use a modular synth) to help bring participants to a deep state of relaxation -- ‘bathing’ them in sound. In a deeply relaxed state, we can release stress, pain and old habits, reveal and activate what we do want, and better tap into our intuition and subconscious. 

Our environment is becoming noisier everywhere which has led to noise pollution. It has a dire effect on our brains that we don’t realize. Can a sound bath help?

Noise pollution is detrimental to so many of our systems.. A sound bath can certainly help to reset and calm the nervous system of people subject to excess noise. If someone is experiencing noise pollution regularly (work/ home), I’d recommend a daily clearing practice (meditation, toning, buying their own bowl etc) in addition, and as much noise mitigation/ sound proofing (including earplugs - I carry some in my purse) as realistic. I’m also a big fan of silence.

How has bathing in sound improved your well-being and others?

I’m very fortunate to live in a quiet area surrounded by nature, so my soundscape features the birds and breeze -- nature is extremely grounding and balancing for me. Conducting sound baths I definitely get benefits as well, but I’m in a different state of mind than the recipients. Private clients report everything from chronic pain relief, to smoother transitions through significant life events and addressing challenges. I’ve found the base result is relaxation and stress relief (which is hugely needed). One client said it felt like getting a deep massage, including for their brain.