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Why You Should Never Skip Moisturizer

Why You Should Never Skip Moisturizer

Moisturizing should be part of your morning and nighttime skin care routines. After cleansing your skin, it’s important to replenish any moisture you may have lost, irrespective of skin type. Hydrated skin will keep you looking radiant and glowing throughout the day.

Moisturizer also protects your skin on the surface, holding moisture in the outermost layer, reinforcing your skin’s natural barrier from environmental harms. But at the base level all skin is essentially the same, and it's here where most skin problems begin, from acne to aging. That's why we developed a moisturizer with proven natural ingredients that target and promote healthy dermal cellular production to universally address skin problems before they reach the surface and keep skin hydrated and supple at the same time. Does your moisturizer do that?

The age, health and appearance of your skin is directly attributed to the health and populations of your skin cells. As we age, these decline. The more support we can provide them, the less we lose due to age, environment and damage. Goods news is, with proper support, you can increase the amount of skin cells as well.

RESCUESKIN utilizes an incredibly powerful blend of all-natural, skin-supporting ingredients that are super-powered by our core active, MDFc19 (or, scientifically speaking, Mesenchymal Derived Factor Complex 19). MDFc19 is an adult human stem cell derivative that targets cellular trauma in the dermis, helping repair damage caused by the environment, sun exposure, genetics, and aging. RESCUESKIN's unique formulation supports the lower layers of the skin, naturally promoting procollagen production and accelerating cellular turnover. How does this make for a better moisturizer? Simple: powerhouse ingredients that hydrate, protect, and stimulate skin cell production + unparalleled anti-aging properties of MDFc19 = skin that's not only gorgeous but better equipped to withstand everyday challenges without flaring up in distress. 

Our products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, and fragrance-free, with no BHA or BPA. Plus, we never test on animals.

Armed with these tips for healthy radiant skin, you’ll soon be seeing the soft, glowing, supple skin you deserve!