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What IS Serum Anyway?

What IS Serum Anyway?

If you're a beauty fanatic, you've probably had serum in your regimen for a while, but how many of us know what it really is, or why we even use it? There are a lot of misconceptions about serum, that it's just a more expensive form of moisturizer, that it's the same as a primer, to name a few. But the idea is actually pretty simple: it's a super-concentrated preparation of core actives formulated to deliver those ingredients deeper into your skin, for more powerful results. Serums are designed to support and intensify the effects of your overall skincare regimen, making it a wise addition to a comprehensive approach to skincare, hydration, and anti-aging.

Where does serum belong in your routine?

Serum should be the first thing applied after cleansing and/or toning, after your skin has completely dried. 2-3 minutes after serum (to give it optimal absorption time), you can apply moisturizer, sunscreen, or both. But remember that while some products purport to be both, serum and moisturizer are not the same thing. Serums contain a lipid-soluble base that can penetrate deep into the skin to deliver the goods. On the other hand, moisturizer's main job is to create a protective barrier that keeps moisture from escaping the skin. So is it possible to achieve both effects in one product? Read on, as you might be surprised at the answer.

Ugh, there are so many options! How do I choose the right serum for me?

As the go-to product for overall complexion help, the serum world is positively lousy with options: water-based for oily skin, oil formulations for dry skin, antioxiants vs. acids, botanical vs. chemical, alpha, beta, and boy are we exhausted just thinking about it! But here's a game-changer: RESCUESKIN takes that whole headache right outta the picture with a universal serum. Yeah, that's right, we said universal.

Oh yeah? What makes RESCUESKIN so different?

While all serums theoretically permeate the skin more deeply than other products, RESCUESKIN doesn't just go deeper, it goes smarter. MDFc19, the core active in both our Serum Concentrate and Ultra Moisturizer, is an adult stem cell-derived agent with powerful preventive and regenerative abilities. It works by targeting foundational cellular activity in the dermis, naturally supporting the production of dermal fibroblast, procollagen, and healthier, stronger skin cells. What does that all mean? RESCUESKIN Serum Concentrate fights cellular damage, the initial cause of all skin problems, in the deepest layers of skin, rather than on its surface. So, as your skin goes through its natural turnover process, younger, healthier skin is revealed. Even better, RESCUESKIN Serum Concentrate also contains hydration-supporting ingredients (like carrot seed oil, aloe, and almond seed extract) to feed just enough moisture to the skin without blocking core active absorption. So if you're the oily-skinned type, you can rejoice in getting the hydration to feed your thirsty skin, without the greasiness you dread. And here's a pro tip: Makeup artists love our serum because its fast absorption allows for quick application of primer or foundation without messing with the staying power of makeup. If you still feel a little skeptical about the "magic potion" reputation of serum, here's something legit: We proudly operate a top research lab in Southern California with a team of physicians and scientists dedicated to the study of how and why we age. Our rigorous R&D program has led to RESCUESKIN's groundbreaking formulations that work for everyone, because they target core physiology that's universal to all skin: skin cells. Find out more about RESCUESKIN's scientifically-proven, age-defying products.