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Watch What Happens Live Fan Review

Watch What Happens Live Fan Review

If you’re a fan of the Bravo network and Andy Cohen’s late night show, Watch What Happens Live, then perhaps you heard the exciting news? During the March 7th segment featuring Super Model Naomi Campbell, Andy opened up the phone lines to viewers. Enter Bravo Super Fan, Mike from Cape Cod. His question? “What is the one beauty product you can’t live without?”

Her answer: “My thing I can’t do without is called RESCUE. It’s a serum and a cream, I cannot do without it. It’s um… it’s from a guy called Kai in Southern California and it’s um… with stem cell research. And if I don’t use it… like my Stephanie (makeup artist) said to me today, she notices a difference, so do I.” 

Within moments of revealing the one beauty product she can’t live without, the RESCUE Skin website literally shut down due to the huge influx of viewers attempting to do as Naomi does, and get RESCUE! This unexpected reveal is the exact reason why we are currently sold out of all products until the 28th of this month. Thank you Naomi, and thank you Mike from Cape Cod!

So what about Mike? Not to worry… he’s been RESCUED! Given it was Mike’s question that caused a magical chain of events, we’re happy to report he’s officially been RESCUED! Mr. Cape Cod will be receiving RESCUE Skin for an entire year. And as for his thoughts on RESCUE, he’s in complete agreement with Naomi. Take a look at his official Facebook review after experiencing RESCUE Skin for himself.

It’s feedback like Mike’s that is the exact reason Kai Hansen and Dr. David Scharp founded RESCUE Skin.

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