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The Perfect Gift for Any Kind of Sweetheart

The Perfect Gift for Any Kind of Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day gifting is difficult to get right. As the endless reel of cliché-ridden TV ads gratingly reminds us, it’s boring, too! I mean, there’s only so much chocolate and roses a person can take. So take the “meh” out of your V-Day, and surprise your sweetie with a gift that actually delivers: RESCUE!

It's biocompatible

What the heck does that mean? It means RESCUE is universal! Because the core active, MDFc19, works both topically and on the cellular level to help support cell damage from sun, environment, genetics, or age, RESCUE it’s custom-tuned to any skin type, color, and gender. That means it’ll be highly effective for whatever type of skin your sweetie has—and is highly shareable to boot.

...and sharable

RESCUE’s biocompatible formulation makes it a no-brainer for twosome skincare. But, what if you just can’t get down with your partner’s…er…countertop hygiene? If you’re a germaphobe (or otherwise grossed out by sharing product from a single source), RESCUE was made for you. Our individually-portioned packets allow you to stock up for two and still maintain optimal hygiene, potency, and portioning.

Made for romantic getaways

Travel is in RESCUE’s DNA! Our carry-on-ready, TSA-friendly packet system was born for the road, and guarantees you never miscalculate how much to pack or apply. Toss some 2-packs in your suitcase and a few more in your purse, and you and your copilot will maintain amazing skin whether you’re mile-high, toes-in-the-sand, or anywhere in between.
Show your beloved you’d care for their heart just as you’d care for their skin (or your own!) by giving the skincare that delivers.