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Power of the Packet

Power of the Packet

Why the Packet?

The packet is designed to go anywhere, so your skin can always feel and look its best. Whether it’s in your morning routine, post workout, after a day in the sun, or during a long flight, RESCUE provides hydrating and healing ingredients, naturally supporting cellular repair, and leaving skin looking healthy and youthful. From the bathroom to the beach, your clutch to the car, or your duffle to your desk, RESCUE is packaged in individual packets for these 5 key reasons that make it better than any jar or tube:

  1. Zero Oxidation: Just like anything with a lid, once opened, it’s exposed to the air. Given each packet is hermetically sealed and UV resistant, you no longer have to worry about the product oxidizing, maintaining its efficacy longer. You’ll always get the most potent version of our formula.
  2. Ultra Hygienic: Being individually packaged prevents impurities and contamination from hands and applicators that could introduce bacteria to your products. No one wants to put that on their face, especially if you’re prone to breakouts or have sensitive skin.
  3. Optimal Dose: We’ve taken the guesswork out of deciding how much product to use to obtain ideal results. Each packet is designed to offer the optimal dose of RESCUE in a single-serving.
  4. Convenient: The single-serve packets ensure your skincare is always available, and in reach right when you need it. It certainly beats carrying a jar or tube! The RESCUE packet truly is the ideal travel partner, and it’s TSA compliant and guaranteed to never explode in your bag!
  5. Eco Friendly: Yes, it’s true, our single-serve packets are eco-friendly and completely recyclable! In fact, our entire production process – from materials to packets – is 100% made in Southern California. We go to great lengths to source organic and sustainably produced products wherever possible.

Your skin is already under the stresses of sun exposure, air pollution, and many other environmental factors, so why expose your skincare to those elements before you put them to work? Keep you skin performing at its peak whenever, wherever. As always, just listen to your skin—it’ll always tell you what it needs. #WeSaveSkin