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Moisturizer Master Class - Part 2

Moisturizer Master Class - Part 2

In the first part of this piece, we talked about the different types of moisturizing agents, oil- vs. water-based products, if moisturizer can heal dryness or if it just smoothes and protects, and whether or not you really need to moisturize your face (hint: yes). Here we'll talk whether moisturizer can clog pores, when it's okay to ease up your routine, and the one way to achieve universal moisturizing perfection, no matter your skin type.

So does moisturizer clog pores, or worse, cause acne?

Believe it or not, many shy away from moisturizer altogether, particularly those containing oils, because of pore anxiety, but you can come out from under the bed! Pores get clogged for a variety of reasons, and the culprit may not necessarily be product itself but how it's used. As you read previously, many types of oils found in skincare products are non-comedogenic, so they won't clog your pores, as long as you cleanse regularly and gently exfoliate once or twice per week. And always use the recommended quantity, adding more moisturizer won't increase the impact but instead will just sit on the surface, suffocating your skin, and doing guess what? Clogging pores.

When is it okay to NOT moisturize?

For many, this is an irrelevant, and even ridiculous question, but for some with persistently oily complexions, putting just about anything on your face during, say, the hot, humid months of summer can make them want to run right for the walnut husk scrub (don't do it!)...but it's okay to give yourself a break. If your skin feels tight after cleansing, give it a shot of moisture. This is particularly beneficial at night, when your body goes through its natural healing cycles during sleep and you don't have to worry about environmental nasties latching onto your skin when you're out during the day.

Okay great, but just tell me what to do, okay?!

It's pretty simple, actually. Different faces react to different things on the surface, like products, environment, hormones, to name a few. But at the base level all skin is actually the same, and it's here where most skin problems begin, from acne to aging. That's why we developed a moisturizer with ingredients that target and promote healthy dermal cellular production to universally address skin problems before they reach the surface and keep skin hydrated and supple at the same time.
If you've tried every formulation you can get your hands on and are wondering why you still can't find the solution to your skin woes, your answer may be farther below the surface than you realize.
RESCUE utilizes an incredibly powerful blend of all-natural, skin-supporting ingredients that are super-powered by our core active, MDFc19 (or, scientifically speaking, Mesenchymal Derived Factor Complex 19). MDFc19 is an adult human stem cell derivative that targets cellular trauma in the dermis, helping repair damage caused by the environment, sun exposure, genetics, and aging. RESCUE's unique formulation supports the lower layers of the skin, naturally promoting procollagen production and accelerating cellular turnover. How does this make for a better moisturizer? Simple: powerhouse ingredients that hydrate, protect, and stimulate skin cell production + unparalleled anti-aging properties of MDFc19 = skin that's not only gorgeous but better equipped to withstand everyday challenges without flaring up in distress.