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Is Your Pillow Damaging Your Skin?

Is Your Pillow Damaging Your Skin?

How often do you wash your pillowcase? Is it cotton? Your skincare regimen may be on point, and you may never go to bed without washing your face, but you could be overlooking one thing that you actually put on your face that could be causing some of your skin concerns.

You and your pillow spend some serious quality time together, but it could be that relationship that’s causing your breakouts. Even if you wash your face every night, dirt and oil from your hair, sweat and dead skin can settle into those fibers creating a bacteria breeding ground. Washing your pillowcase regularly can help prevent breakouts. Seeking out a pillowcase with silver ion technology can also help provide a microbe-free surface to help rid your case of acne-causing bacteria between washes.

Your pillowcase might be the softest Egyptian cotton and highest thread count, but despite its baby soft caress, could be causing premature wrinkles to form. Woah, really? According to board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Debra Jaliman, “Cotton pillows crunch the collagen and make sleep lines on your face.”  To avoid this possibility, Dr. Jaliman recommends swapping your cotton pillowcase to a silk one which will allow your face to slide and decrease your chances of sleep lines and creases that can lead to premature wrinkles.

There are also many other benefits to switching to silk than not waking up with skin creases across your face. Do you ever wake up and feel like your face has had the moisture sucked out of it or look in the mirror and think it’s going to be a bad hair day? Well, switching to a silk pillowcase will help your skin retain its moisture and not absorb the skincare products you applied before bed like cotton would. And, just like it helps your skin slide instead of scrunch, silk also creates less friction on your hair, reducing frizz and breakage.

Other materials like polyester satin and bamboo fiber have also been used by beauty and textile brands to target concerns like skin creasing, moisture retention and dull frizzy hair. Pillowcases have even gone high-tech with silver ion technology to help acne-prone skin. Here's some of what's on the market to help you make the switch from your cotton pillowcase to get the most out of your beautyrest. #wokeuplikethis