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Ingredient Spotlight: Glycerin

Ingredient Spotlight: Glycerin

Glycerin is a name you might read near the top of our ingredients list and is found in many skin care products on the market. You may have heard about it casually as well and it MAY have intrigued you, so what is glycerin? Where do we get it? What does it do? For answers, keep reading!

What Is Glycerin and where do we get it from?
Glycerin or glycerol is an odorless humectant liquid which is an organic compound chemically and is found in plant, such as soybeans and palm, and animal sources. Glycerin has a slightly sweet taste and is usually obtained as a byproduct during soap formation.

What are the benefits of Glycerin?

Glycerin is a natural moisturizer that sits on the skin, soothing it and even a little amount goes a long way. If you are someone who struggles with dry skin or flaky skin or even dehydrated skin, products with glycerin can be really helpful for you locking in moisture.

As you age, your skin loses its elasticity and it becomes susceptible to damage which can irritate your skin. Glycerin very gently can help soothe your skin and make it appear more lively and plump.

Water Balance
No matter how much you moisturize your skin, the hydration can still escape if it is not locked in properly. Glycerin on the skin attracts water from all around keeping your skin well hydrated at all times.

Healing Properties
Glycerin helps skin heal from damage It has also been used on the skin for fungal infections and skin diseases like eczema.

Skin Barrier Protection
The skin barrier is an outer layer on your epidermis that is essential to maintain the health of your skin and also makes your skin products work more effectively. If the skin barrier is broken due to chemicals or UV rays it can not only damage skin but make the usage of all other products ineffective. Glycerin helps heal your skin barrier so your skin looks plump and healthy again.