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Health and Beauty Benefits of Aloe Vera from the Inside Out

Health and Beauty Benefits of Aloe Vera from the Inside Out

Anyone who’s had a sunburn, windburn, or razor burn knows aloe vera can help soothe and cool the inflammation and redness, but just how does it work? Two key ingredients go to work: “Glycoproteins work to minimize pain and inflammation, while polysaccharides encourage skin growth and repair”(source). Whether it’s the plant’s raw goop, gel, or oil, there is some preliminary evidence that topical aloe vera can slow aging of the skin. In one study of 30 women over the age of 45, topical application of the gel was shown to increase collagen production and improve skin elasticity over a 90-day period (source). But aloe vera can be used more than topically for many health and beauty benefits. Just how can this plant help your wellbeing?

Studies have shown the benefits of aloe vera, packed with vitamins, nutrients, fatty acids, enzymes and antioxidants, help with immune function and skin health. It’s even said that aloe vera helps improve digestion supporting healthy bacteria, preventing infections, and suppressing heartburn and indigestion. Besides having one of these spiky houseplants, aloe vera juice and water are hitting the shelves, and you’ve probably seen them next to the coconut water at your grocery store. Rich in antioxidants, helping protect your cells from damaging free radicals, and packed with vitamins, including B, C, E and folic acid to help fortify your immune system, aloe vera can help you from the inside out. “Though no one juice—or food, for that matter—can single-handedly change your skin, there may be some sound scientific basis for the juice's newfound following,” says Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, RD, and author of The SuperFoodsRx Diet.

Aloe vera has also been used as a mouthwash to help reduce dental plaque. With tooth decay and gum disease being very common health problems, aloe vera was studied in the reduction of plaque build up caused by bacteria on the teeth. Compared to the common mouthwash ingredient, chlorhexidine, 100% aloe vera juice proved to be just as effective (source). Surprising, right?

You can find aloe in RESCUE Skin, listed as Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, which contains more than 75 nutrients, including amino acids, minerals, enzymes, vitamins and sterols. Just one of the many impressive ingredients helping your skin cells perform at their peak, supporting naturally healthy, youthful and radiant skin.

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