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Get to Know the Power of the Packet

Get to Know the Power of the Packet

The RESCUE Skin packets pack a powerful punch. Originally conceptualized during one of our founder's trips to Ibiza, Spain, the packets needed to be easy to travel with and great for sharing. Let's breakdown the other reasons why RESCUE decided to step away from the standardized practice of serving your skincare in a jar or a tube. We're certain you'll grow quite fond of our beloved packet, after we reveal the five key elements that make up its winning anatomy.

Power of the Rescue Skin Packet

For starters, take a look at the hermetically sealed edge. What's that mean? Simply put, zero oxidation! You'll always get the most potent version of our formula, unlike products that come in a jar or tube. Because our packets are air-tight, the formula isn't repeatedly exposed to the environment, keeping it highly efficacious.

The second element can actually be a bit gross when you think about the contrary, but hey we're not judging. You know those jars we mentioned the ones you stick your hands into with each and every use? Ya, you know, the petri dish. No one wants bacteria growing in their skincare, or to be forced to use an applicator with every usage. Hence the reason for the RESCUE single-serve packet and its ultra hygienic application.

Number three was made for simplicity's sake. We wanted to take the guess work out of deciding how much product your supposed to use to obtain the best results. Each packet is designed to offer the optimal dose of RESCUE for a single-serving. And not to worry, if by chance you happen to have some of that Ultra Moisturizer left over, simply fold the packet over and save it for your next application.

The fourth reason is pretty self explanatory, let's face it, what better way to package your skincare than in single-serve packets to ensure it's always available, and in reach right when you need it. (Certainly beats throwing a bulky jar or tube in your pocket.) And, for all of you globetrotters, the RESCUE packet truly is the ideal travel partner - it's TSA compliant and guaranteed to never explode in your bag!

Now we've saved the best (or most surprising) for last as we've been questioned on number five. Yes, it's true, our single-serve packets are eco-friendly and completely recyclable! In fact, our entire production process - from materials to packets - is 100% made in Southern California. Why's that important? The majority of today's cosmetic and skincare companies source their bottles from China, between the weight savings, shipping and environmental impact of unregulated offshore production, RESCUE Skin can produce 30 full boxes here in America for every one bottle of standard product. Shocking we know, but it's just one of the many reasons why our single-serve packet will always have a special place in our hearts, and hopefully now yours.