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From World Health Day Down to Our Roots

From World Health Day Down to Our Roots

World Health Day is April 7th. It’s an important day because it reminds us of the reason we began investing in adult stem cell research. Research that ultimately paved the way for our first product RescueSkin.

Adult Stem Cells are nature’s good guys. They don’t discriminate by age, race or economic status. They can become exactly what your body needs, when it needs it. This unique ability also means they can be used to treat anyone in a universal way.

From the World Health Organization's website: Too many people are currently missing out on health coverage: “Universal” in UHC means “for all”, without discrimination, leaving no one behind. Everyone everywhere has a right to benefit from health services they need without choosing between good health and other life necessities. 

Adult Stem Cells offer the promise of improve health and life for everyone. We see it daily in our product RescueSkin. It doesn’t discriminate, naturally assisting the skin regardless of the person. From reducing wrinkles to rosacea, age spots to acne, and a host of skin related conditions in between.

RescueSkin has been supporting stem cell research with Scharp Laboratories, pioneering a better approach to health and aging. Research that in our lifetime will make cost prohibitive life altering procedures available to anyone. From the child in Sudan suffering from Sickle Cell Disease, to helping the soldier in Arizona walk again after a spinal cord injury.

That’s a future we want to be part of. We salute the World Health Organization for the strides its taking to make health care possible for all. Everyone can play a part in the path to UHC, by taking part in a UHC conversation. #HealthForAll