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All About Stem Cells

All About Stem Cells

Many of you have asked about stem cells and RESCUE. We've taken the top 3 questions and made them readily available for you here. Get your science caps on, it's going to be a fun ride!

Q. If I use your product am I actually putting stem cells on my face?

A. No, you are not putting stem cells on your face. Stem cells are too large to pass through the epidermis, and as such, wouldn't be an effective product for direct use in skincare. Additionally, stem cells die when directly exposed to air. While there are no stem cells in the product, derivatives such as peptides, proteins, enzymes and cytokines that are present when cells naturally replicate to produce new healthy cells are part of RESCUE's supportive active complex MDFc19.

Q. What type of stem cells do you use?

A.  We use adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) to produce our core active known as Mesenchymal Derived Factor Complex 19 or more commonly known as MDFc19. Unlike the plant stem cells you'll find in many other skincare products on the marketplace today, our stem cells are biocompatible, meaning they are adult, human stem cell derived . The MSC is located in all of our tissues and organs as well as migrating throughout the body in the blood. They are like a "mother ship" in a quiet state waiting for signals from damaged tissues or inflammation and remain in that resting state until stimulated by a sign of injury or damage. At that point, they readily start dividing rapidly and reproducing themselves in order to produce the many different types of cells required to help repair the damage from the injury. These new MSC's can differentiate into multiple different types of structural and supporting cells that may be needed at that site to replace the damaged cells. The MSC's also produce cell signaling molecules to recruit inflammatory and immune cells to the damaged site. The MSC is one of the most important stem cell types in the body since it is located everywhere and programmed to respond to a variety of damage or disease conditions.

Q. How do you make stem cells?

A. Starting with 500,000 MSCs (about the size of a small tube of toothpaste) in Scharp Technologies laboratories, we culture or grow these MSCs through 10 passages, equaling 30 cell doublings in tissue culture flasks. What does that mean? It means that starting with 500,000 cells, after a few months we end up with a total of 9.8x109 MSCs, or 9.8 trillion cells. To put this into a practical sense, say, for example, each MSC is 10 microns in diameter. If each MSC was to be lined up side by side, the 9.8 trillion cells would now stretch 60.9 miles or 98 kilometers. Pretty incredible! If you have more questions, peruse our official RESCUE Q&A here