Skin Serums: Fact or Fiction


Skin Serums: Fact or Fiction

Serums have traveled long and far since being introduced to the market in the 1930s. Today, there are an overwhelming amount of them. However, much like fast food versus home-cooked meals, not all serums are created equal. Some are full of fillers with no substance, while others are from scratch with the best ingredients (and lots of love).

Nonetheless, quality serums are not gimmicks. They put in work.

Educating ourselves on caring for our skin is paramount at every age. As we mature, our skin's cell turnover rate slows. It's one of the main reasons that skin appears older because it is—covered in dead cells. Facts.

In our teens, the turnover rate is every 10-21 days; and in our early to mid-20s, it's about 14-21 days. Then, in our late 20s-30s, it goes to 28-45 days. By the time we reach our 40s, the rate drops to 45-60 days. Then, at 50 and beyond, it plummets to 60-90 or more days. 

What are we going to do about it? Stand there and let it happen? That's a choice. But, no way! We're not going to take it. There's nothing wrong with wanting our skin to be as healthy as it can be at every age. 

Gentle exfoliation and cleansing are major players for cellular turnover. Doing so sloughs off dead skin cells and makes room for new ones. Even so, our skin needs more encouragement. Thus, soaking up potent, active ingredients is crucial; and that's what serum is for.

RxESCUESKIN explains, "Your skin begins to visibly age because cellular activity decreases, and fewer cells in the dermis are available to support the development and structure of your skin. Activity further declines with age and environmental exposure like sun and pollution. RxESCUESKIN's stem cell derivatives are the same derivatives present when the skin repairs itself, and naturally supports the production of new skin cells and proteins like collagen and elastin." 

Every item in our arsenal is significant, but serum reigns queen. A serum is to sink deeply into our skin while active ingredients repair it on a cellular level. It can do this because it's made of smaller molecules enabling deeper penetration.

Many people are still a little confused between what a serum is versus a moisturizer. While both hydrate, moisturizers are thicker and hold hydration on the surface.

Hence, applying a moisturizer after a serum is key. Layering products is a thing, an important one. Both should be applied to the skin twice a day. 

“I definitely recommend serums for anyone who is concerned about aging. It’s a really good way to get extra anti-aging effects, more than your typical moisturizer and sunscreen,” says Dr. Abigail Waldman, Instructor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School.

The price difference can be quite significant and will be the most expensive addition to a collection. Why? Serums are made of several high-quality actives which cost more to produce than most creams. However, finding the right one can be sublime. So, if you're wanting results, don't sacrifice the serum.

Simultaneously, price doesn't always equate to quality. Making sure we research a brand, such as RxESCUESKIN for clean active ingredients, and high standards are a must. The way any ingredient is sourced, cultured, and processed should be at the top of our list.

For example, RxESCUESKIN uses real stem cells from healthy 20-25-year-old adult donors (not from fetuses or synthetic stem cells) through a painless process. Clean and cruelty-free. So, there are no ethics in question.

LeapsMag wrote: “Beauty product manufacturers convey in their advertising that the rejuvenating power of these cells could hold the key to the fountain of youth. But there's something the manufacturers don't always tell you: their products do not typically use human stem cells.”

They also quoted Tamara Griffiths, a consultant dermatologist for the British Skin Foundation, saying, "...What these products contain is plant stem cells and, more commonly, chemicals that have been derived from plant stem cells."

Griffiths continued, “No plant stem cell is going to morph into a human skin cell no matter what magic medium you immerse it in. Nor is a plant cell likely to stimulate the production of human stem cells if applied to the skin."

This is the basis of RxESCUESKIN—using real human stem cells.

Stem cell research has greatly advanced over the decades showing evidence that it heals tissue, and increases skin cell turnover. It has also shown promising outcomes with diseases, along with health and skin conditions in numerous studies.

Mother Nature will always be in control, but we can control our skincare, diets, lifestyles, habits, and knowledge to stay in balance. In the same way that our inner bodies are vital, so is our skin.

No matter which serum we choose, we need one in the daily fight for the healthiest skin. Serum is not just a step; it's a huge step up. We can't leave our skin out to dry. We all need to love it.

Aging is not a virus. Caring for our skin is caring for ourselves—nothing wrong with that. It's a whole mood. And we want GOOD VIBES ONLY.

From Our Skin Care to Yours,