Stress on Men’s Mental Health


Stress on Men’s Mental Health

Stress is a natural emotion to feel, and it is a common experience across both genders. When it comes to concern for mental health, it means both men and women. However, men and women may have different stressors or deal with their stressors differently. For example, the American Psychological Association (APA) reports that women are more likely to experience physical and emotional signs associated with stress. Yet, women are typically better at maintaining connections with those around them during periods of stress, which can help them manage such feelings (1). This article will discuss stress in men specifically and how men can healthily manage these feelings.

What kind of stress do men face today?

Men face many of the same stressors as women. Often, stress can be related to one’s job and career, including job-related pressure, large workload, performance anxiety, and tight deadlines. Outside of work, men may face stressors involving financial obligations, family, relationships, significant life changes, illness, or injury.

What are the symptoms of stress?

There are several physical and emotional signs of stress, and everyone will experience stress differently. Physical symptoms of anxiety in men can include signs such as:

upset stomach
neck, back, or chest pain
muscle tension
difficulty having or maintaining an erection
fast heart rate
trouble concentrating

Emotional signs of stress in men can include signs such as:

sadness or depression
low sex drive

What are healthier ways men can deal with stress versus old, unhealthy habits?  

Sometimes, both men and women can deal with their stress in unhealthy ways. For example, when feeling overwhelmed, men may exhibit behaviors such as:

abusing drugs or alcohol
social withdrawal
not exercising
over or under eating
over or under sleeping

While these behaviors may feel good in the moment, these are all unhealthy ways to cope with feelings of stress. Instead, men should implement more productive methods for dealing with life’s stressors.

Healthier behaviors to deal with negative emotions can include:

Exercising regularly. By going to the gym, going for a walk or run, or just moving your body, you can lower feelings of anxiety. Additionally, staying physically active can help to improve your sleep.
Finding social support. Often men will isolate themselves in periods of high stress. Doing such, however, can make feelings of stress worse. Surrounding yourself with loved ones can help to relieve some of these negative emotions and provide social support.
Making time for yourself. This may include eliminating specific stressors by backing off certain commitments and allowing yourself time to do things you enjoy.

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