Let's Talk About Acne


Let's Talk About Acne

We all experience varying levels of acne at some point in our lives. Others can be more sensitive to acne, maybe from allergies, how our bodies handle stress or a chemical imbalance.

Temporary adult acne is a sure sign that our bodies are off. It could be devouring too much junk, a hormonal imbalance, PMS, menopause, or a deficiency, such as omega-3, vitamin D or B, or Zinc. Most times, when our guts are upset, our skin is, too. Stress exhausts us of many things and sets off hormonal changes in both men and women. 

In longer seasons of duress, acne may stick around and increase until the storm has passed. This is normal. Chronic acne, on the other hand, usually takes more sophisticated methods. In any case, mild, moderate, or severe, devoting extra effort to our skin from the inside out while keeping with our usual skincare routines is the pinnacle.

Find the culprit. We can develop an irritation or allergy at any time in our lives, temporary or permanent. Did you change your breakfast meal, milk, tea or coffee? What about your beauty products? New sunscreen? Make a list. If you haven't changed anything, the next step is action. Here are a few acne treatment and prevention tips.

  • Healthy, clean diet. Water and more water. No juice, soda, caffeine, tea.
  • Eat clean foods, nothing processed. Go for organic vegetables and fruits. Eat a raw, minimal salad 2-3 times a day.
  • Take your supplements, including probiotics for gut health. Make sure the supplements you take are clean. Yes, even in your au naturel ones. It could harbor a few toxic elements. Take a look at the list on the bottle. If it has titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, hydrogenated oils, and other unnecessary fillers and binders, this may be the best time to toss it. The American College of Healthcare Sciences highlighted a few ingredients that should not be in our supplements. MedTruth shared some inside information on popular ingredients to watch.

  • Sanitize your phone. Our hands are all over it throughout the day. Wipe it down more than once a day.

  • Wash everything. Sleep mask? Try not to use one for a week and see if anything happens. Try not to sleep with your arm or anything on your face. Change your bedding more often. Also, try washing not only your pillowcase but the pillow itself. Use a pillow protector in addition to the cover.

  • Don't touch your face. Any bacteria from your hand can cause a flare, especially when your skin is already fighting a battle.

  • Keep your hair away. Use a scarf or spa hairband. Make sure pulling your hair too tightly.
  • Be gentle. Don't try to poke, pick, squeeze, or scrub off any pimples. We don't want any scars. Remember, this moment is temporary.
  • Minimize beauty products. Do follow your skincare routine by washing and drying (with a clean, unused towel). Then, following with a toner, a clean serum, like Rxescue Skin, and a moisturizer. We all conceal what we don't like, but it can prolong the wait. Try not to overuse any foundation or concealer during breakouts. Less is more... effective.

Since mom life has become more intense, I've been eating junk food at night. So, lowering my stress levels and eating well haven't been priorities. Plus, I'm prediabetic. When my insulin levels rise, I breakout. If you're pre or diabetic, make sure you take control of your insulin. I've been gently wiping my acne with apple cider vinegar. Then, I splash it off (it stinks but works). Next, I apply Rxescue Skin serum, followed up with a light moisturizer and sunscreen.

We aren't living in easy times. It can be tough to minimize stress, maintain sanity, care for others, and our bodies! All we can do is our best. Every day is a new day. Your health is your wealth.

From Our Skin Care to Yours,