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Skincare Minimalist

Skincare Minimalist

Minimalism was once practiced by the elite, hyperconscious, or occasional goal-setter, but now, many people realize that we can live with less. 

The minimalist belief is to clear out the unnecessary. No need to move to Hobbiton, hire Marie Kondo, or The Home Edit duo, Clea and Joanna. Anyone can spark a journey to minimalism.This idea is rising in beauty, so, let's start with our skincare grind. It's not about product overload, but more about product efficacy.

Skin health should not focus solely on the surface but beneath it first. Your beauty products should bring additional value to your health and wellness. At Rescue Skin, you don't have to take a quiz or online assessment. We've taken care of all that by creating a serum for all skin types. Skin wellness starts on a cellular level, from the food we consume to our skincare habits.Rescue Skin's scientists know that over time, the skin begins to age as cellular activity decreases, and fewer cells in the dermis can support its development and structure.

Rescue slows the process by using the very stem-cell derivatives that are naturally present when the skin repairs itself, essential building blocks for producing new skin cells and rejuvenating proteins like collagen and elastin.

When it comes to being a skincare minimalist, do what works for you. But please keep quality over quantity in mind. It's tempting to try all the new products flashing before our eyes. The cost of all those goodies can be overwhelming, too. Also, do you really need 15 products on your face?

While layering our clothes, we usually have a goal: either be warm, look nice, or follow a trend. Skincare goals should be the same. We layer our products one after the other. It's better to let each layer settle in. Additionally, too many ingredients can have an adverse effect, confusing, or are just unnecessary.Minimalistic Daytime Skincare Tips (in this order):

  • Cleanser 

Or nothing at all. Some people splash their faces with cold water for 30-60 seconds while others may need a gentle cleanser.

  • Serum

Out of all skin products (aside from cleansing), the skin needs active ingredients. So, serum is a keeper.

  • Eye Cream

The eyes are fragile, therefore, eye cream is such an important step in any routine.

  • Moisturizer

If our skin is moisturized and supple enough, moisturizer we can, especially for oily skin types. Skip to the next step.

  • Sunscreen

It doesn't matter our skin type or condition, sun protection is a must. 

Minimalistic Bedtime Skincare Tips:

  • Cleanser
  • Exfoliator

Exfoliating daily isn't vital, but after 30, I think it's a great habit to pick up. Gently.

  • Serum
  • Eye Cream
  • Moisturizer

Note: Whether adding or subtracting from these lists, please don't add petroleum jelly to lock in any ingredients which is a new thing. All I heard when reading it was clogged pores.

If someone likes a more vigorous exfoliation once or twice a week, it's still a good thing. It's all about what works for each of us without the fluff. I love using skin masks, so I've skipped everything after exfoliating and slept with a mask. Of course, if we wear makeup, a makeup remover may need to be on hand.

There are some bare minimalist skincare diets out there, such as wash, moisturize, the end. If that works for you, great. Moisture is everything for my dry skin. I'm very minimal, but I'm realistic.Celebrate your life at every age, every decade, every second. No skincare routine can be more important than that.

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