Skin Purging Versus Breaking Out


Skin Purging Versus Breaking Out

Have you ever had a facial thinking about how beautiful your skin will look? The following day you look in the mirror to find your skin's enemies have reared their ugly heads. This process is called "skin purging."

When the skin is repairing itself, it has to remove obstacles, such as clogged pores filled with whiteheads, blackheads, pimples (big and small), and bacteria. The skin is sloughing dead skin cells away while creating new ones.

Skin purging can also happen when using new products with actives that work intensely on a cellular level. The process is not cute, but there's light at the end of the cycle!RxESCUESKIN's stem cell derivatives are the same derivatives present when the skin repairs itself and naturally support the production of new skin cells and proteins like collagen and elastin. Our serum absorbs into the deep layers of the skin, which is necessary to be truly effective.How can we differentiate skin purging versus a breakout or unpleasant reaction? If commonly affected areas are breaking out, it's usually a purge. If a rash appears in an unusual spot, it could be an allergic reaction. If the face is burning or hurts when touched, stop using the product immediately and consult with your dermatologist.Another reason we can experience skin purging is during a healthy diet change. My sister does the cabbage soup diet once a year to refresh her eating habits. She prepares for what's to come—skin purging.Can this cycle be avoided? Unfortunately, no. Some people may have a lot to purge, and others have less. We're all unique. Keep going! Don’t worry because it'll last about 28-30 days. Tops.What can we do to take full advantage during a purge?

  • Load up on raw fruits and vegetables.
  • Stop or reduce alcohol.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Increase water intake.
  • Drink lemon water in the morning.
  • Replace pastries and sugar with something healthier.
  • Take longer walks.

Our skin will drastically improve and radiate by the end of the purging journey. It’s not a new discovery, but it does need a liitle extra awareness. If you're not already using RxESCUESKIN, we would love it if you did. Our serum and moisturizer are strong forces in the cellular turnover world! That's why we offer a 30-day guarantee. We are confident our clean, cruelty-free products are excellent.