Two Not So Obvious Areas That Tell Your Age


Two Not So Obvious Areas That Tell Your Age

We can be beautiful at any age, but when someone looks 10+ years younger, most people can't help but ask how. Skin health usually begins from the inside. So, it's pretty fascinating and unusual to see a 60-year-old appear 45. Our eyes are typically set on our faces that we often overlook other tell-tale body parts. What other areas might reveal our age?

If you've ever scraped your elbow and went through the scabbing process, you realize the importance of the skin on the elbow. The elbow is a very much neglected body part. Pay attention to how you treat your elbows during the day. We lean on, bend, stretch, and forget all about our elbows. One day, we have soft, smooth elbows. Next thing we know, we have baby elephant knees.

In recent years, our hands have been particularly abused. We've known that the hands can tell someone's age, but now it's far beyond that. Between the constant hand washing and sanitizing, our hands are pretty upset. They're chapped, dry, and aging faster than ever before. Is there anything we can do?

Here are a few tips to soften the hands and elbows. Stop leaning on your elbows. The constant friction on the skin can deplete collagen and elasticity. This bad habit, in turn, causes our elbow skin to become thicker and rougher to protect itself. It's also accompanied by bad posture. 
  • Wear gloves while doing housework. Washing dishes and cleaning products with bare hands is just abusive to the skin.
  • Exfoliate! Nothing else can be absorbed if the skin has layers of dead skin. Skin peels are great, but it's best to consult with your dermatologist first.
  • Moisturize. Use a thick, healing moisturizer like shea butter or coconut oil. Once exfoliated, the skin can efficiently drink up all its nutrients.
  • Other possible helpers are Retinol, Glycolic Acid, or Vitamin C. These powerful guys can speed up the sloughing and prep the skin for the ultimate comeback. Like elbows and palms, the thicker-skinned areas can handle higher doses than our faces. Don't forget about the palms! 
  • Exercise. Sometimes, the problem isn't the skin itself. It's the extra skin right above the elbows sagging down. Firming up the triceps may help.
  • Sunscreen! Obviously. UPF driving gloves are also an option.
  • Consult with a board-certified dermatologist for other options. There's even a fat transfer, but it'll cost you between $3,500-$5,000!

After washing hands, promptly follow up with hand lotion. Also, be conscious of hand sanitizer abuse. Many of us have become obsessive (with reason), but overusing sanitizing leads to cracking, chapping, and paper-like cuts. The hands are delicate, especially compared to elbow skin which is a bit rougher; add neglect to it even more. It'll take more time and work, but it's achievable!

The neck is a highly delicate area. It's one of the first signs of aging and one of the least cared for body parts. Many folks have tech necks from the constant use of phones and computers. They're horizontal lines caused by looking downward. Tech necklines do not discriminate with age; young and old have developed them.

  • Improve posture. Stay aware of your neck position while working on a computer or browsing your phone. This habit will help keep necklines away. Temporary creases from a constant downward position will create permanent ones over time.
  • Gently exfoliate. It's necessary to keep it in its best condition. Because of the neck's delicacy, it's essential not to use vigorous strokes, causing the skin to tear or be pulled and stretched.
  • Use a high-quality serum that nourishes, softens, and heals by diving deep into the skin. RxESCUESKIN serum hits all these points and more!
  • Moisturizing helps seal in the serum and all the hard work we've done prior. Add an extra dab before going to your desk. Try out RxESCUESKIN's new moisturizer! It works hard with our serum to fight premature aging and preserves the skin's health.
  • Gently massage with a moisturizer or a favorite oil, such as olive oil. It encourages any wrinkles to soften and can increase collagen production through blood flow. 
  • Take a collagen supplement. Now, there are powder forms, such as coffee creamers!
  • Stretch. This is free and should be done at least every 30 minutes. It can minimize neck pain and necklines. 

    We all know that we can't stop aging, no matter what we do. But with a lifetime of good skin care habits and excellent products, such as RxESCUESKIN serum and moisturizer, we can keep our skin healthier and looking its best!