National Wellness Month: Travel Edition


National Wellness Month: Travel Edition

Who loves going to new places? Traveling is highly anticipated and exciting. Yet, it can be stressful and filled with unexpected turns. The RxESCUESKIN family wants you to enjoy the journey. We’ve gathered some tips to help you handle every moment with stride. Whether you’re traveling with friends, family, and/or pets, we’ve got you!

Traveling is meant to be enjoyed, but since the number of travelers this summer more than tripled, it has been quite stressful. Nearly 100 million Americans will have traveled by the end of this summer. Airlines and airports are still short on staff. Lines are ridiculously long. On top of that, thousands of flights are canceled per day.Tip 1

Be prepared. Preparation is an essential task for any trip. Make a checklist. This tip is for pre-travel, on the way, and at your destination. It will be stressful. Expect the unexpected. Plus, be ready for possible long waits, rude staff and travelers, and large crowds when heading to the airport. 

Pack one week ahead of time, if possible. Prepare all snacks for your carry-on. Whatever will make your trip and transportation experience more manageable, such as music, face masks, sleep eye mask, ear plugs, etc. Packing ahead can reduce significant amounts of stress. If you forget something during the week, you won’t be scrambling last minute. No one likes to do that. Make sure all credit cards will work if heading abroad.Tip 2

Write down an affirmation. As previously stated, travel is almost guaranteed to be stressful. Don’t let things that you cannot control affect your well-being. Stress can trigger many emotions. Be sure your travel companions are also at ease. Communicate with each other to find ways to be supportive during the chaos.Tip 3

Buy travel insurance. The cost of flights has skyrocketed, and adding this may cost a bit more. But it’s worth it! You are reassured, with no questions asked, that you will get a full refund. The thought of something going wrong can make a person anxious without reason.Tip 4

Take care of your health in the weeks before traveling. If you need medication refills, be sure to get them. Eat healthily and hydrate your body thoroughly. Traveling dehydrates the body and can make you tired and irritable. Stretch...a lot! Whether traveling in a car, plane, or train, you can experience muscle cramps. The more you're physically fit, the better. Healthy bodies are happy bodies.Tip 5

Give yourself time to recover once reaching your destination. Relax on the first day or two of your arrival. This tip also goes for your return home. Aside from jet lag, your mental wellness and physical body need a moment. So, don’t feel guilty for taking time to relax after your vacation. Make it worth it! Reminisce on how amazing your trip was.

Traveling is a privilege. You got this! So, arm yourself against people’s contagious attitudes. This trip is for you! You can calm your anxiety. You deserve to enjoy life and make beautiful memories. Bon voyage!

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