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Ms. Niko - Recording Artist / Singer

Ms. Niko - Recording Artist / Singer

What were you doing before you stepped into the spotlight with your work?

I was working a government job, which was fine. But I wasn’t happy because I felt like I wasn’t following my passion. So I decided to step out on faith, and here I am today!

What is your biggest challenge being in the public eye?

Always feeling like you have to look your best when you go out! I pretty much don’t care; I can go out in a hoodie and leggings with my hair on a ponytail...and it’s fine. I think nothing of it because I’m so used to it until someone walks up to me and asks for a picture! Then I start to think about how I look!

What keeps you motivated?

Without a doubt, my children! To live comfortably, take them places, and let them experience wonderful new things so that they can be inspired is most definitely the goal! 

What feeling, situation, or epiphany led you to realize this is what you wanted to do in life?

I have wanted to do this for as long as I can remember...since I was a baby if you let my family tell it! That feeling was reaffirmed when I had children and stopped. The feeling of not doing what I felt I was meant to do became depressing. So I decided to go ahead and do it, and it’s been amazing!

Who was your first skinfluencer?

The women in my family! Almost everyone had beautiful skin, so when I was younger and would get acne, I’d feel really self-conscious! They all look young, and it made me ask what they were using to keep it so clear!

When did you start caring for your skin?

Around the age of 35, I’d done the usual teen acne skin routine, so it was fine. But as I got closer to my 40’s, I started getting concerned about fine lines and wrinkles! They’re inevitable as you get older, and I knew I was getting closer to that stage!

Why is skin care important to you?

I think if everyone had a skincare routine, they wouldn’t be so concerned with wearing makeup to hide their skin! And that’s no shade to makeup, ‘cause I love it!

What skincare besides sunscreen can you not live without?

Moisturizer, hands down!!! I love the Rescue Skin soooo much! I literally use it every day!

Beauty means many things. What does it mean to you?

Beauty to me is an attitude more so than a look. I think kindness and laughter are beautiful! A smile will always be beautiful to me. 

What is your number one beauty tip?

Water...that’s it! If nothing else, drink LOTS of water. I basically drink nothing but water, and it is a savior to my skin! It keeps it hydrated and keeps my hair healthy too!

How do you empower others through your work?

I’m very much a champion for women! I like to empower women through song, whether it be about the strength of a woman or being strong enough to leave bad situations. The future is female. 

What is one thing you learned from your children, and what is one thing you hope they learned from you?

I’ve definitely learned the fine art of patience from my children! And, if I could only think of one thing for them to learn, it’d be perseverance. It’s easy to say “always be positive” and “look on the bright side,” but realistically, that’s easier said than done. So, I’d just hope they would always have the thought just to keep going...whether things are going great or not!

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