Sunscreen Tips:  Missed a Spot?


Sunscreen Tips: Missed a Spot?

Sunscreen is the final touch to our skin, but do we rush and miss any spots?

After noticing that I was getting freckles in unsuspecting areas, I wanted to share, in hopes, that we're all covered.

We all try to balance our time, but when in a hurry, we smear it on. Then, bounce!

Our bodies, with special attention to the face, neck, and chest, need more coverage than some people may realize.

Here’s a quick list of commonly missed areas:

Human Philtrum

The area between the lips and the nose. It's a visibly missed spot, even when moisturizing!

Under the Chin

Light reflects. It can hit us from below. Block that shot!


The entire ear and behind it can be kissed by the sun.


Whether we’re wearing polarized sunglasses or covered with a hat, our eyelids need affection.

Around the Eyes

Making sure our fragile eye area is completely protected is so important; being cautious not to get any in the eye.


It’s fine to put sunscreen on our lips, but an SPF lip balm is a better idea.


Our necks are another delicate area that is often neglected in skincare. This zone is ultra thin and needs moisture and extra duty sun protection.


The chest needs sunscreen, even when it’s covered. Some people believe that clothing protects us from UV rays. Unless it’s certified UPF clothing, nothing is being protected. The sun will filter right through any standard fabric.

Nose and Nostril Opening 

Many miss the area right underneath the tip, and the nostril opening.


As long as light is coming in, UV rays are present. They may not be as fierce as the outdoors, but they’re around and affect skin!

At times, putting sunscreen on can seem like a chore. But it’s crucial to preventing outcomes like skin cancers, premature aging, and discoloration. One of my friends slathers sunscreen on after she dries off from a shower. 

Another important note is to use sunscreen versus moisturizer with sunscreen; meaning a face cream which happened to add SPF. In a PLOS ONE study, it was found that SPF moisturizers were inferior to sunscreens.

Did you forget something?

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