Massage Your Way to a Better Body and Skin


Massage Your Way to a Better Body and Skin

It's no secret that a full-body massage feels good, and the benefits go deeper than many people realize. By regularly massaging, we can refresh our skin and bodies and possibly fight aging.

The types of massages are infinite, from acupressure, Thai, Shiatsu, deep tissue, sports massage, aromatherapy, hot stone, etc. Let's not forget the oh, so satisfying foot massage! People choose according to their needs, but they're all highly advantageous.

Post-massage, the masseuse will instruct you to drink a glass of water to flush the toxins funneled throughout your lymph nodes and other areas. The lymphatic drainage is real! Adequate water intake is always the fastest and best way to wash our inner bodies, primarily through the liver, which is the body's chief filter. A massage is a great assistant.

Be wary of detox teas, supplements, and diets. Unless advised by a primary care doctor, they're unnecessary, as our bodies can cleanse with healthy habits, i.e., balanced diet, hydration, sleep, exercise, and other natural ways.

Today, there are loads of self-massage tools and how-to videos at a click of a button. They may not satisfy us like a professional session, but self-massage tools and techniques do help. Facial massages are one of the simplest ways, and it's always better to use a jade roller or Gua Sha tool rather than hands.

When using our hands, we might pull or stretch our skin too much. Using an oil like jojoba on a freshly cleansed face is the best way to perform a facial massage. Bringing blood flow to the face, relaxing facial muscles, and detoxing the skin are some of the benefits.

The skin naturally releases numerous toxins during the day, and more so when exercising or massaging. For this reason, it's also essential to keep the face clean as not to clog pores and trap toxins, which can create skin problems or trigger pre-existing skin conditions.

Dry brushing is another massage method that encourages blood circulation, all while scrubbing dead skin cells. Before trying it out, it's always best to ask a board-certified dermatologist, especially if one has skin issues.

We hold a lot of tension in our little faces, not only our bodies. Massaging can help to relieve it while de-stressing and relieving anxiety. These components encourage better sleep, decrease body aches caused by stress, relieve jaw pain, and more. Massages have even been found to lower blood pressure and smooth fine lines!


Why is blood circulation good for our faces? For our faces, it removes toxins, increases oxygen, stimulates healthy cell growth, and reduces puffiness. Blood carries oxygen, which automatically gives us a healthier look. It's like a face workout. 

study at the Tokyo Institute of Technology found benefits in both short-term and long-term facial massaging use with a roller.

"Findings from the long-term study suggested that using a roller improved blood flow response, or the so-called vasodilatory response, to heat stimulation. One explanation for this could be that endothelial cells in the massaged area produce more nitric oxide, which is known to be a potent vasodilator," written in Tokyo Tech News

After massaging the skin, it's the perfect time to follow-up with our daily skin care routines, as our skin absorbs skincare ingredients more efficiently. RxESCUESKIN serum is a strong added benefit for the skin at any age in anti-aging. Everyone has the right to care for their skin and we're here to make it easier for everyone to do so!

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