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Liz Castellanos - Celebrity Makeup Artist

Liz Castellanos - Celebrity Makeup Artist

What is your biggest challenge being in the public eye?

Honestly, I have such a potty mouth, and when I go live or post in my stories, I try to be mindful of that.  I don’t ever want to offend anyone with my curse words.  I am a work in progress.  LOL!

What keeps you motivated?

My children.  They have always been my greatest motivation.  The day I found out I was pregnant with my firstborn changed my outlook on life.  I knew that my choices in life were no longer just about me.  My three kids are my world!

What feeling, situation, or epiphany let you know that this (current career) is what you wanted to do in life? 

I was working on a television weight-loss show, and to see these contestants work so hard to live a healthy lifestyle was so inspiring.  At the end of the show, they would reveal themselves to everyone they love and America with a full makeover.  Being a part of that was so rewarding.  For them to see themselves for the first time fully made up gave me goosebumps.  The confidence it gave them on top of all they had already accomplished made my heart full.  That was the moment!

Who was your first skinfluencer? (Whomever taught you how to care for your skin:  Mom, sister, aunt, friend, actor, etc.)

I didn’t have a skinfluencer.  I explored on my own to learn what worked for my skin.  I have rosacea, so there was a lot of trial and error.  I do love watching other influencers now to see what products, tips, and tricks they share.

When did you start caring for your skin?

I was in my early 20’s when I started to really focus on my skin.  Working in retail and having a ton of products to try was fun but also overwhelming for me because I started to notice the redness in my skin.  I tried so many products, but I was finally able to understand what worked best for my skin type.   

Why is skincare important to you?

I find skincare to be very therapeutic.  Taking care of my skin makes me feel good and knowing that it is a good way to maintain a beautiful canvas for makeup is something to look forward to as well.  

What skin product (besides sunscreen) can you not live without? (Toner, moisturizer, serum) 

Serum and Moisturizer!!!!!  I need all the hydration possible!  

Beauty means many things. What does it mean to you?

Beauty is having a kind heart.  It is so important to remember that everyone is going through something, and although we can’t control that, we can be mindful of the way we treat others.

What’s your #1 beauty tip?

Besides always washing your face and drinking water, I always curl my lashes.  It opens up the eyes, and you look more awake.   

What empowers you? 

My girlfriends empower me.  They are all striving to shoot to the top and further themselves in their careers.  If they are doing great, they will do what it takes to do greater.  If they fall, they learn from it and keep it moving.  I am so lucky to have such wonderful women in my corner.  

How do you empower others through your work?

I think the most empowering thing about being a makeup artist is enhancing one’s confidence.  There have been many instances where someone is feeling blah when they first sit in my chair, and through the process, I notice a shift in their attitude.  Once they see themselves in the mirror, they feel this confidence boost.  

What is one important lesson you’ve learned from your child (children), and what do you hope they learn from you?

Authenticity is my biggest lesson learned from my children.  If there has ever been a time where I wasn’t being my truest self, leave it to them to put a mirror in front of me.  They will always show me my truth.  I want them to know that regardless of your situation, you can overcome all obstacles if you work hard, have patience, never lose faith and be good to people.  

How do you balance your time between your career demands and family demands?

Planning ahead is the key to balance in my professional career and family.  Taking a vacation to Mexico yearly pre-covid is always something I looked forward to.  I will say no to work if it means that it will take me away from my family for too long, especially if it involves a milestone in their lives.  

(If your kids are old enough) How do you explain what “Mommy” does when you’re away? Have they seen your work?

My kids are 18, 21, and 23.  They are well aware of what I do, and they respect it.  They know that consistency is important for my clients and maintaining a good relationship with them as well.  As they have gotten older, I travel more for work, and they encourage it since I was such a young mom and wasn’t able to when they were babies.

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